Cruel society

If a girl is abused,
Social media highlight the girl,
Instead of teaching a lesson to the boy,
They comment on girl character,
They collect all the information of girl,
Where is she born, where she worked,
What happened to her,
How that happened everything,
But they don’t say about the boy,
Why he did this and what’s behind it?
Not only for a girl,
Some innocent boys also face this,
A brave girl played a game,
The boy stood behind bars,
They comment on boy character,
Why they are doing this?
Without knowing what happened,
They highlight what they see,
It’s breaking news,
From morning to evening,
In every channel, this will be headlines,
People will sometimes trust the words,
Of the one who cries and says,
But we can’t make sure that it’s true,
A small mistake or a wrong proof,
Can kill the respect of the innocent family,
It can never be back,
Unless and until you know absolutely about something,
Don’t post it on social media,
Instead of the culprit, an innocent may get punished,
This is because of speed news,
They don’t know what happened,
They post everywhere like spicy news,
Without completion of interrogation or anything like that,
We can’t even say a word to both of them.
One thing that culprit should get punished,
And innocent should never be highlighted,
Because this society pokes an innocent more than a culprit.

5 thoughts on “Cruel society

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  1. We live in a society where it is always the woman’s fault. Anything is his fault. Furthermore, there is now a large group of men, Incel, who agree to attack and punish women. It’s terrible and they should stop them. But other men do not condemn them but women.

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