Ignore it!

Words hurt more,
The sweet words are like,
Sweet poison,
Don’t even know reaction until it goes in,
Every time I think about this,
Why do some people speak very sweet,
If and only if they need something,
Or else they are jealous or something,
or want to destroy something,
They use this weapon,
Begging someone or killing someone,
I don’t what are they,
It’s pretty hard to understand this kind of people,
All around making fun, acting cool,
They always do with me around,
Should I forgive them or take revenge,
I can’t do both,
I just ignore, I don’t trust any,
I don’t expect anything,
Instead of treating it like a drama,
I stay away from it,
It hurts to get fooled again and again,
I feel better to avoid and ignore these people.

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