I’m a lazy person,
I always delay my works,
If one month project,
I like to enjoy for half of the time,
And in the rest half, I work twice harder,
I’ll complete it within time,
But I never worked peacefully,
I think It’s okay,
I’m on my word,
Whatever I’ve done that,
In the last days, I work like,
A rope tied to my neck,
In the same way,
I thought about some work,
A sudden journey,
I went to a village,
So I felt,
I can go back,
To town in the evening,
And I can finish my work the whole night,
I stood at the bus top,
Waiting for the bus,
I came earlier than bus time,
Waiting for the bus,
I’m freaking out,
I stood there for 2 hours,
Maybe it will be late today,
People nearby said,
The bus will come within time,
Else it won’t arrive today,
You can catch the bus tomorrow morning,
It’s over. All my work is delayed,
I crossed my words,
We need to work earlier than time,
We can never know what time changes,
It turned my life upside-down,
From that day,
I never delayed my works,
Whatever it is,
I tried to complete it first,
And enjoy later.
Laziness is worst than a drug,
If we get addicted to it,
It’s very tough to get out of it.

-Prasanna Pala

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