Midnight Fun

Few funny things and thoughts. We like to enjoy. Little happiness and little fun alone. Tiny fantasy.

Waking up at midnight,
Feeling bored,
Walking like a cat,
So that nobody will be disturbed,
Opening the fridge door,
To grab chocolates and ice-cream,
Then hurriedly run back to the room,
Turning on the television,
Watching a horror movie alone,
In the middle, just looking around the room,
To see, Is there any ghost watching us?
I felt, Maybe I’m scarier than the ghost,
After that watching out world,
From the window,
Enjoying the weather,
Imagining few things that will never happen in life,
And smiling like an idiot in the night.

-Prasanna Pala

5 thoughts on “Midnight Fun

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  1. Suffering entrance and it is as if he wanted to flee from reality! It would not be more sublime for her or the protagonist, to think that in the silence of the night she can look inward and see herself as she is, to be able to distinguish her mistakes, to learn to love herself in order to love others. . Just a suggestion. A cordial greeting.

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