An unbearable self-punishment,
Every day in the news,
There will be at least one column,
About the people committing suicide,
Few people feel,
It’s better to die instead of suffering,
They believe in life after death,
In this life, they are not happy,
So they take such decisions,
They feel there is no need,
For leading such a painful life,
Majorly seen reasons,
Society, love and financial issues,
Firstly we should not try to impress any,
We should not be a toy for people,
We need to be strong,
Even the rumors, insults, sadness,
Everything dragging us down,
We have to try to wake up,
Without losing hope if we try hard,
Nothing looks painful,
Nothing looks sad,
Love hurts us most,
Feel it like a lesson,
Even though you lost everything,
Your happiness, your pride,
Maybe you failed,
Love yourself more than loving someone,
Stand up with self-respect,
Financial issues,
We have to work hard,
Day and night,
You have to fight,
Then you can easily blow all your debts,
But life teaches us everything,
In different aspects,
What all we need to do is leading a life,
We have to live,
We have to bear,
We have to confess,
We have to succeed,
When you love yourself,
When you trust yourself,
You can lead a happy life.

-Prasanna Pala

19 thoughts on “Suicide

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  1. πŸ’œ After “Suffering” and Wanting then Refusing “Suicide” I AM Still Here in 3D and Grateful, Appreciating EveryThing EveryOne; so why don’t YOU!!! Stay Here because THINGS!!! can’t get any worse, can they EveryBody πŸ€” ?


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  2. Yap! πŸ™‚
    To live is to be selfish
    Selfishness is the instinct of every individual
    Which serves to preserve his being
    Animals are selfish, they don’t share anything with anyone
    And don’t commit suicide!
    But they sacrifice themselves when the blood in their blood is in danger.
    People kill animals, they kill people, they kill our planet,
    The source of life, and then they kill themselves too.
    I just have to say goodbye to them, and a secret: There’s nothing there.
    It’s just dark.

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  3. Hi, Prasanna. Your subject matter is very disconcerting. Though you say these are objective poems about things you know about, it is difficult to feel that you do not experience some of what you write about, because you express it so well.
    Suicide is NEVER a solution; it is only a selfish wish to alleviate one’s own pain without regard for the extreme pain it causes those who love the victim. Everyone DOES love themselves or the Bible would be in error when it says, “For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it.” (Ephesians 5:29) It is a selfish and cowardly thing to think, “I should not have to suffer like this; I should have a way out.” Suicide is neither thoughtful nor brave.
    There is “Hope Always”, as is noted in some of my blogs on suicide. Do NOT do it. EVER. Help others who you suspect are considering it. Dr. Matthew Sleeth’s book is an excellent tool to help.


    ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

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    1. It’s all about my friend who died an year ago. I don’t know what she felt. Without a word, She killed herself. I went through a lot of pain when I heard about her. I felt that she died because she don’t have a proper guidance. I don’t want any to do like her, So I expressed my words. Everyone have problems but death is not a solution for it.


  4. Instructive entry !! What you narrate is true; Many times we do not find the way to introspection, which allows us to see every problem from above, since that way our mind can decide which is the best decision. Every sunrise; in a new life. A new opportunity. Always standing, never kneeling.
    You have to train the mind, so that it does what we decide. A warm greeting.

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  5. We have to live,
    We have to bear,
    We have to confess,
    We have to succeed,
    When you love yourself,
    When you trust yourself,
    You can lead a happy life….
    This are the final clues for living life to the fullest.
    You have written so well that it will become so easy for a person in distress to correct his or her thoughts. You have done a great job by posting this paragraph on Suicide.
    My best wishes πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β€οΈ

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