Few words about love. It’s about happiness, smiles and frustrated feelings.

You came into my heart,
It looked like a beautiful start,
I’m secretly staring at you,
Every day you look so new,
I think of you at night,
I feel so special,
I don’t know,
Is it because of your smile,
Or your words,
I’m smiling thinking about you,
Seems like it’s love,
Waiting for you,
like a tiny bird waiting for morning sun,
Every day, sticking to mirror,
Asking myself,
Am I looking beautiful,
I’ve never been like this,
I feel unfamiliar,
What made me like this?
Sometimes it’s embarrassing,
Sometimes it’s frustrating,
I also feel like enjoying.

-Prasanna Pala

6 thoughts on “Feeling

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  1. Beautiful and sensitive entrance! It is love that causes you a world of contradictions … but if it is reciprocated with honesty and warmth, you have found a light for your soul.
    A warm greeting.

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  2. If that is you with the green hair, you pull it off very well. You have the curse of being a lovely young woman. As such, you will always have to be careful about why people like you: for you, or for how they look with you? For you, or because you make them feel strong or big or powerful?
    I sincerely hope you find the love of Jesus that will make all the human loves pale in comparison. You are a very talented wordsmith, and it would be sad if you only used it to describe boys and girls infatuations.

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    1. That picture is representing a happy girl and I felt that is suitable for the below story about love. And I write too much about love because my aim to write a story book of love. So that, I just like to write few poems and situations representing love. And Thank you sir.💙

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