Take it back!

The Essence of you

When we are sad,
We ask ourselves,
what happened to me,
Or we question to god,
Why you made this to me,
Why are you punishing me?
It’s hurting me a lot,
Can’t you see?
It happened by mistake,
But I never wanted to do so,
I’m feeling sad about it,
You are even more punishing me,
Why are you doing this?
For a small mistake,
you are giving core punishment?
How do I solve it?
Okay, it’s over,
I have to correct it,
I’m trying for it,
Days passed,
I found a way to solve it,
I solved it,
When this problem arose,
People yelled at me, insulted me,
and did what all they can,
But after this problem is solved,
People don’t even care about it,
It’s my problem,
I solved it,
They interfere in between
and scold me angrily,
Now everything is solved,
Can they take back…

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2 thoughts on “Take it back!

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  1. It is not God is one; the one who must deal with the problem that arises in life and solve it. God has given us the resources to be able to do it. The others as I wrote you once; You shouldn’t care A cordial greeting.

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