Demon in human

Today, In the early morning,
I saw a video of a parent hitting her child,
The pity kid was bleeding,
She is punching on the kid face,
That kid was two years old,
How can a mother beat her child to death,
To just let out the anger on her partner,
She showed it on the poor kid,
Not only this one,
A father killed his child,
Because of his reasons,
Somewhere I saw video,
Two people tortured their father,
To get his property,
They dragged him out of the house,
Treated him like an animal,
Few people threw out their parents,
Saying that they are for no use,
Slapping, beating, torturing,
They did a lot,
For the parents who showed them a way to live,
Now kids are feeling parents as a burden,
At some places, parents torturing kids,
And other Kids torturing parents,
In the world,
Many people crying,
That they don’t have parents,
Elders, kids to take care of them,
But here, People are cruel,
Killing, torturing, throwing their loved ones,
Out of the house,
If there are no loved ones around us,
Then what is a meaning for life?
How will these people get changed?
People are becoming demons day by day,
Very cruel towards everyone,
The world looks so scary and terrific.

-Prasanna Pala

6 thoughts on “Demon in human

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  1. that’s horrible.. I always say hell and heaven is not after death but right now here on earth..people who try hard to make it heaven and those with demons in them making it a hell.. it’s daunting sometimes how much suffering there is.. not just for humans also for all the animals.. it’s not easy living on earth.. big supporting hug for what you saw.. it’s horrible..

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  2. El mundo no es cruel, lo es el ser humano. Quizás por desajustes mentales y emocionales que vivió en la infancia. Su ira interna destruye y repite, hacia los demás, lo que aprendió. Es tristeza infinita ver la crueldad infligida a los seres débiles: niños o ancianos.

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  3. Sometimes I have insisted in my publications that we are in a sick society and that in many cases there is no moral courage or mercy. The human being self-destructs. Cases like the ones you relate are happening now as I write, anywhere in this unhealthy world. It is a problem that society must manifest and rebel against indifferent governments and only concerned about committing economic crimes, without representing the interests of those who have brought them to power. A cordial greeting.

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