My heart

The Essence of you

My heart is like a dead tree,
Hiding a seed of hope,
By listening to all possible ways,
To reach my success,
This seed grew like a young plant,
Now because of situations and hard times,
It is just like cutting the top of the plant,
I cried a lot and lot,
Not for cutting the top,
I cried with happiness because,
My life started newly,
instead of dying like a seed,
It was just born now,
And this cutting this pain is also beautiful,
Instead of growing like a weak strait stem,
It will grow like a huge deciduous tree.

-Prasanna Pala

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7 thoughts on “My heart

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  1. You will be oak; if you want to be. Or you will be a reed that bends but never breaks. I congratulate your decision to be perennial. A warm greeting.

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