Life puzzle

The Essence of you

Striking up, striking down,
The pages of my life,
Moving in, moving out,
From the days of strife,
Pulling back, pushing front,
All my sad day fights,
Turning off, turning on,
All my way of lights,
I donโ€™t know why?
Seeing sky,
I want to fly,
With a struggle,
In this severe trouble,
Iโ€™m trying to solve my life puzzle.

-Prasanna Pala

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7 thoughts on “Life puzzle

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  1. You have only related the truth of life !! You change every day from dragonfly to butterfly …. It is not due to a fact of nature …. just because you are human. Today you are different from yesterday and you will also be tomorrow. Until you find your true axis … A warm greeting.

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