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I know

The Essence of you

Yes, I’m broken,
But still, I know how to smile,
I’m hurt,
I know how to hide my pain,
I’m sad,
I know how to look happy,
I’m depressed,
I know how to act enjoyable,
I’m tearful,
I know how to be pleasant,
Even though I’m miserable,
I know how to behave like a jubilant.

-Prasanna Pala

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11 thoughts on “I know

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  1. Marvelous!! You only care about your appearance and you put aside your essence. Sorry; but it would not be better to find the remedy to all your regrets? A warm greeting.

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    1. Appearance need to be strong, And essence should be soft. That’s what I am. When ever I feel something hurting me. I put out my feeling and try to be normal. When I let out all my pain. I’ll be happy again. And thank you💜

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  2. Perfect … I apologize. I don’t want you to get mad in any way. Perhaps – and it has not been the only time that I am wrong – when interpreting what I read, in a different way to whoever writes it. And it is true that the appearance must be strong and the essence, soft. A cordial greeting.

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  3. This outlet, if this is what you are feeling, is good for you. However, it would be even better if you have someone local or at least, an email companion, with whom you can share what you really are feeling.
    It is unhealthy to always hide pain and pretend to be jubilant when your heart is hurting, especially if this is an ongoing phenomenon. Most people do not need to see our hurts; they have their own with which to deal, but we need others who are dear companions to share the pains before depression becomes clinical.
    You are in my daily prayer, still, Prasanna.


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