Life is full of mixture,
I want to give it a texture,
A page of confusion,
More words of illusion,
Problems bring out anger,
Empty pockets of hunger,
Little things make me smile,
For other things, I cry for a while,
It’s fun,
Listening to someone,
Sometimes I clap,
Sometimes I take a nap,
Once I look well,
Suddenly I yell,
Cutely I enjoy,
Funnily I annoy,
When I’m insane,
I don’t explain,
Sometimes I break the rule,
Sometimes I act cool,
Little temper,
More helper,
Sometimes I look better,
Or I act bitter,
I am sweet,
I feel complete,
Sometimes I’m wrong,
Sometimes I stand strong,
Whatever it may be,
I’m always happy with me.

-Prasanna Pala

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  1. For I am not ashamed of the gos-
    pel of Christ, for it is the power of
    God to everyone who believes, for
    the Jew first and also for the Greek.
    Ps 40:9, 10 – Acts 3:26
    doubt that any of these cats are either
    if they are, let me suggest they return.
    such simple request belief. Hope none
    are required to go through a situation
    as was mine to get straight in the head
    and decide which team to join. now the
    choice on whether belief in OUR Savior
    Jesus Christ is not a catch all decision, It in the ear

    is needed to come along with faith in Him. all through a

    year that taste formation, of music, important
    to this x-musician. About that, the taste is still
    in me, but just not in a physical sense; no worry
    the tastes are still solid as a rock, somebody at an
    educated sight, musically speaking, are still those
    purveyor of the radio station that, Kyle, Greg, Chip
    heard discussed December, 1988, @ first lunch in a
    TX training camp named Brazoswood High in a NOT
    too deep heart of Texas, enjoy, possibly:

    from Maynard Ferguson, Herb Alpert,

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