My Soulmate

The Essence of you

I don’t know,
Who are you?
Where are you?
Why are you in my dream?
I don’t know your name!
Your face!
I know nothing about you!
But still, you come into my dreams every day
Firstly, I felt this dream like a nightmare,
For 15 years, you are in my dream.
I was running in the gloomy night,
in between thick bushes and trees,
I can hear the scary laughs,
People coming closer to me,
With bleeding wounds and scars,
I’m running towards a shiny door,
hitting it hard and shouting for help,
And you opened the door,
Stood in front of me,
I felt you like my strength,
My army and my everything,
Only the bright face of you,
I couldn’t see it properly,
Hugging you, I lost all my fear,
I forgot all my pain,
I forget everything,
You are the only one filled in my…

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8 thoughts on “My Soulmate

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  1. More important that “finding the right one,” is to focus on “being the right one.” Searching for a soul-mate is a losing proposition. Becoming a person another would love to spend a life with is more challenging, and more rewarding.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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