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The Essence of you

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When we trust a crook person. in the start they act like they are the best. They continue to be so for few weeks then after the true colors will be out.
Life becomes miserable, Every tiny mistake has seen with a magnifying glass, By abusing, they cackle around,
Always annoying and bickering around, embarrasses us all the time. Even though they treat us ill mannerly,
we should never gush out of that place.

If we behave angrily, they behave like innocent again. Hurting deeply from inside, we don’t even have a right to express feelings. Is this called friendship?

If a small mistake or a small fight, They try to explain the situation to a third person to be against us. Is this the way to gain fame and people? And in front of all, they fling all valuables so that people feel pity…

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