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Mr. Lavender

Hey Mr. Lavender,

Are we getting closer,

Better than before,

Or Am I a day dreamer?

I really want to wait,

Hours for your text,

Years for your love,

I really found,

My happiness in you,

I want to be,

Forever with you,

You are my charming,

Inspiring and lovely one,

Kind of cute,

Bit of arrogant,

Simply smart,

Am I talking too much or what?

May be,

But thats so true,

With you my love.

-Prasanna Pala

7 thoughts on “Mr. Lavender

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      1. the lady is not a trump. lady luck as crooned by late great jimmy farrar. who will host jeopardy and what of the bindi. just fashion like a semi demi fake ring>?

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      2. is it? maybe we should both listen to peter cetera s have you ever been in love> i myself love only me and Jesus. you seem much kinder.


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