You’re right

The Essence of you

The happiness is waiting for you,
New problems are approaching you,
You have to stay strong,
Even though people poking you wrong,
It may be a severe attack,
Don’t step back,
Even in pain, If you stand straight,
One day, everyone knows you are right.

-Prasanna Pala

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The Essence of you

I’m standing alone with nothing,
So I thought to give up everything,
I can’t, I’m scared,
But still, I dared,
I need to take care of everything primarily,
I’ve to step forward carefully,
Maybe I lack in many things,
But still, I work hard to fly with my wings,
In this darkness,
Pain may hurt us,
It is increasing my immune,
I wish I could reach success soon.

-Prasanna Pala

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The middle man

The middle man,
In a lot of conversations and fights,
To solve those situations,
I met a couple like that,
A mediator couple,
Sitting in between a family,
To solve a family problem,
But the character of that couple,
Is unimaginable,
They are so-called backbiters,
They enjoy seeing disturbances and fights in the family,
I don’t know why this family called them mediators,
In the middle of the conversation with family,
A small argument raised like fire,
These mediators smiling,
And they started speaking softly,
Instead of pouring water into it,
They added petrol,
They moved the family members apart,
And settled in between them,
Like a friend of both enemies,
The mediators are happy,
They are enjoying this separation,
But the family is divided by trusting them,
Even anyone say the truth about the mediators,
The family is unable to trust them,
Because mediators are such manipulators,
Firstly, a family problem should be solved within it,
If they are inviting these kinds of mediators,
Instead of getting together, they will get divided.

-Prasanna Pala


I’m writing this letter,
To make you feel better,
I want to hold you until,
The day, you feel gentle,
The cold winds passing you,
Taking away all the blue,
Maybe the days are cold,
But you have to hold,
You have to sustain,
In this pain,
Don’t lock yourself in a room,
And put you in the gloom,
Please don’t recall,
And let your tears fall,
All you can do is fight,
To prove yourself right,
Now you are holding a scar,
But later, it will be invisible behind your smile star.

-Prasanna Pala


With lights in the dark,
With the smiles in sad,
Leading a happy life,
Like good in evil,
Like evil in the good,
Time always changes,
With a wish,
With hope,
We all move forward,
Small mistakes,
More intakes,
In this big world,
Shine like a tiny star.

-Prasanna Pala

My Soulmate

The Essence of you

I don’t know,
Who are you?
Where are you?
Why are you in my dream?
I don’t know your name!
Your face!
I know nothing about you!
But still, you come into my dreams every day
Firstly, I felt this dream like a nightmare,
For 15 years, you are in my dream.
I was running in the gloomy night,
in between thick bushes and trees,
I can hear the scary laughs,
People coming closer to me,
With bleeding wounds and scars,
I’m running towards a shiny door,
hitting it hard and shouting for help,
And you opened the door,
Stood in front of me,
I felt you like my strength,
My army and my everything,
Only the bright face of you,
I couldn’t see it properly,
Hugging you, I lost all my fear,
I forgot all my pain,
I forget everything,
You are the only one filled in my…

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The Essence of you

For a while, I put down the phone,
As to be away from the cyclone,
It’s not possible to make things undone,
Instead of being in a sad zone,
And feeling like a stone,
I’m walking alone,
In this new place, I knew none,
But still, I’m having a lot of fun,
It’s my turn to be on my own.

-Prasanna Pala

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One must learn how to control anger. Whatever the situation it may be I need to be silent. In a gathering, of all elders. I’m the youngest one there. Seeing someone telling lies about my mom and scolding my mom. No one supposed to talk behalf of my mom. But still they asked me to be silent. I couldn’t bear that situation so I shouted loudly towards an aunt saying that I’ll slap you with sandal. I don’t know what I spoke in anger. But I don’t think it’s a mistake. Sometimes anger brings out the truth. Elder or younger doesn’t matter. I may be harsh, I may be aggressive, I may be bad girl. But I’m one to my mom. Because she is the one who taught me world, who taught me to go with truth, Even it’s harsh, even everyone become your foe, you need to lead your life with truth. Never nod your head to lie. This is what happened, words out of anger.

I stood in the group very patiently,

Everyone started a discussion,

About olden topics they scold behind,

Because of them my mom cried more than year,

Without a mistake she suffered alot,

A lot of sleepless nights,

Crying for hours,

Why did they do that,

Why are torturing my mother,

How can people be so cruel towards an innocent,

We never scold anyone,

We never said about anyone behind,

But still, they hate us,

Words crossed limits,

Lies crossed heights,

But they never stopped pointing my mom,

In this world no one bears the pain of undone mistake,

But my mom accepted it,

So, we stood away from them,

Never went to any family gatherings, nothing,

We stayed at home with all our things,

What ever the pain is we suffered alot,

Now they called us,

Asking why are we avoiding them,

So, it’s like a family gathering,

Everyone again pointing towards us saying,

We are the one who broke the family,

And they are giving their reasons,

That we are the bad one in family,

We never did anything wrong,

But why this happened to us,

I lost my patience,

I yelled at them,

I shouted at an aunt in front of everyone one,

That I’ll slap you with sandal if you speak any lie,

Completely I went insane,

I couldn’t control my anger,

She scolded me the same and even she scolded me more than that,

And everyone there scolded me,

Who are you interrupt in the middle,

You are an youger one, how can you scold elders,

You don’t have any right to speak here,

If you want to scold then why are we here,

We are here to join it,

And because of your anger everything got worse,

From the start that aunt is creating lies,

And blaming my mom,

No one just spoke out and supported her,

The only reason I spoked out loudly,

I scolded that culprit,

Everyone shouted at me,

Saying that because of you this family got divided,

A relationship with out love can never be together,

Even though it’s blood relation,

It won’t last,

They already seperated us,

Hated us,

But how can your words manipulate them,

Now because of a single word,

They pointed me like a culprit,

They started scolding me like an accuse,

Why should I stay calm?

When someone scolding my mom,

I love her a lot,

She always taught me that,

Support for truth,

Don’t get scared who ever it is,

If you are right,

Never step back,

I only remembered these words,

Because of a single word,

I so called worst being,

But, I feel I never did a mistake knowingly,

But one thing I felt is I’m right,

Even though whole world opposes me,

I’ll support the truth,

And my truth is my mom.

-Prasanna Pala

Sorry for today’s post, it may be rude or something else. I shared the situation happened. I’m not motivating anyone. I just explained what I did. And what they finally said about me. A sad memory I don’t want to forget. I posted my pain today.

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