If you have some to meet me,

Come to me slowly,

I was always waiting for you,

Cheerful Cheerfully,

I was running rushing down,

When I hear your voice,

I was smiling smiling lot,

Thinking of you now,

Anyways tomorrow,

I gonna see you again,

Don’t broke down into tears,

I will be with you all the time,

Smile and smile,

Smile and smile,

Don’t be a cry baby,

I know how much you missed me,

All the time baby,

Forget it forget it,

Finally we are together.

-Prasanna Pala

Midnight Fun

Few funny things and thoughts. We like to enjoy. Little happiness and little fun alone. Tiny fantasy.

Waking up at midnight,
Feeling bored,
Walking like a cat,
So that nobody will be disturbed,
Opening the fridge door,
To grab chocolates and ice-cream,
Then hurriedly run back to the room,
Turning on the television,
Watching a horror movie alone,
In the middle, just looking around the room,
To see, Is there any ghost watching us?
I felt, Maybe I’m scarier than the ghost,
After that watching out world,
From the window,
Enjoying the weather,
Imagining few things that will never happen in life,
And smiling like an idiot in the night.

-Prasanna Pala

I felt alone

I don’t have a smartphone till now,
Everyone is wondering,
Asking me are you living in the world,
I don’t know what’s in that,
What’s wrong If I don’t use a phone?
That isn’t a crime,
One day I went out shopping with my cousins,
At traveling, everyone is staring at mobiles,
People are too busy,
They are not even looking out of the train,
From a kid to old, everyone using a phone,
In shopping, they are clicking pictures of dresses,
People showing interest in window shopping,
And posting on social media,
Even while eating, they stare at phones,
No one has time to talk to the person sitting beside,
Because they were busy talking to the person away,
While seeing something funny,
They post it on social media instead of enjoying it,
Sometimes it hurts,
We take a break from all social media,
To have a lot of fun,
But everyone is busy with phones,
Even though I’m in between them,
I felt alone.

-Prasanna Pala

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