The middle man

The middle man,
In a lot of conversations and fights,
To solve those situations,
I met a couple like that,
A mediator couple,
Sitting in between a family,
To solve a family problem,
But the character of that couple,
Is unimaginable,
They are so-called backbiters,
They enjoy seeing disturbances and fights in the family,
I don’t know why this family called them mediators,
In the middle of the conversation with family,
A small argument raised like fire,
These mediators smiling,
And they started speaking softly,
Instead of pouring water into it,
They added petrol,
They moved the family members apart,
And settled in between them,
Like a friend of both enemies,
The mediators are happy,
They are enjoying this separation,
But the family is divided by trusting them,
Even anyone say the truth about the mediators,
The family is unable to trust them,
Because mediators are such manipulators,
Firstly, a family problem should be solved within it,
If they are inviting these kinds of mediators,
Instead of getting together, they will get divided.

-Prasanna Pala

Ran away.

I heard news about someone talking about me behind. I ignored several times. And days passed their words crossed limits. In some gatherings I gave those people a surprise. I wanted to ask them about their lies. But seeing me they just ran away. Without a single word, they just went away.

Liers run away in front of truth,

They will try to escape from situations,

They always speak about us behind,

But infront, they don’t even try to say something,

When we surprisingly step in a group,

They try to jump out of that place,

Fear of facing truth.

-Prasanna Pala

Hard work

I learned a lot,
I want to achieve something,
Day and night, I struggled for it,
Criticize, insults, rumors, failures,
A lot happened,
But nobody stood behind me,
I felt that situations made me strong,
But when I’m going to succeed,
The day or hour before it,
Few people appeared behind me,
Saying that they are my friends,
They trust me a lot,
I felt okay they trust me now,
I never asked them for help,
After my success,
The people who stood behind me,
Saying everyone that,
They are the only ones,
who stood behind my success,
Without them, I can’t even do a piece of work,
And their lies went too long,
All the credit belongs to them, and I stole it.
The people who heard these lies,
Poking me every time,
Saying that you should be thankful to them,
What you earned belong to them, not you,
You are such a cruel one who steals others hard work,
I worked,
I learned,
I did,
I cried,
I struggled,
I worried,
I got success,
But now what’s this?
Without seeing, without knowing, people poking me,
Saying that everything belongs to them,
The people who stood behind me,
Want to steal my hard work,
Only because I’m getting succeed,
If I failed,
They would never stand behind me,
And not even visible to my eyes,
Because they will get nothing standing behind me,
And even they say that I’m never a friend of her,
This is why trusting people is becoming hard for me,
I don’t like to ask a favor from any,
Whatever it is, I worked alone,
I struggled alone,
I succeed alone.
There’s nothing wrong with being alone,
Things happened in the past,
Without their hard work,
They blamed me,
So, I never let someone enter into my work,
I can do it all alone,
Alright, it’s a lesson,
Now don’t repeat it,
I work alone,
I enjoyed my success,
But a small thing making me sad is,
How can people steal others hard work,
Such cruelty with words,
Many people faced,
These kinds of situations,
The words that made us sad,
Never be taken back,
The pain is also never forgotten.

-Prasanna Pala


Pain is not known,
Until we experience it,
We can’t share the pain,
Nobody will bear it,
Instead of us,
All is we have to overcome it,
A word,
A comment,
An insult,
Small or big,
It makes us sad,
We shout,
or we ignore,
But we feel pain both times.

-Prasanna Pala

Lies over alcohol and money

Few situations that happened in families, in office and in between friends.

A glass of alcohol,
Change the words of people,
Most people are addicted to drinking,
Always begging around rich,
Whoever give drinking parties,
They criticize others,
Like enemies of rich ones,
Or the poor people,
Who lives their life with self-respect,
Even the rich people commit mistakes,
The mediators in between for a glass of wine,
Or a bundle of money,
Pushes the sin over poor one,
Doing such deeds,
How can people lead a happy life,
Committing a mistake is a sin,
Putting it over innocent,
To escape from the situation,
How can god excuse them?

If these kinds of situations happened among unknown people,
We can scold them or ignore such idiots,
If this happened in between relatives and families,
What can we say?
We aren’t rich, so what!
We are living with self-respect,
Why should we face your mistakes,
Or why should we be with you,
We don’t treat such people as great ones,
We don’t care who you are,
We lead our lives happily,
We don’t like to interfere,
We stay away from poisonous people like you,
Why are you having such a jealous of us,
By seeing us leading a normal life,
Why are you trying to destroy us,
I don’t know why such people can’t even see,
Someone living happily,
Creating problems make them feel sad,
Is their only work every time,
So that they are creating a small group,
With some people who are attracted to sweet words,
Money, Alcohol and their personal needs,
Nowadays people are becoming cruel.

-Prasanna Pala

Terrifying Tomorrow

The world is filling with cruel people,
Day by day increase of crime news,
No safety for people,
Earth is getting polluted,
Forest fire, Earthquakes, Tsunami and much more,
Polluted gases, atom bombs, weapons everywhere,
Instead of helping each other, people fighting with each other,
By knowing these situations also people want to fight,
New terrorists are named Taliban prepared an empire,
Innocent people from Afghanistan trying to run away,
Cruel rules of them shivering the innocent people,
If anyone tries to oppose the rules,
Then they are hanged to death,
By associating with friendly countries,
They are increasing their army,
Firstly, Everyone doubting this may show an impact on India,
There are more possibilities of third world war,
Most of the people and committees are trying to stop this,
But nobody knows what will happen,
Everyone one scared because it may be a sudden war,
If it happens, the earth will become a burial ground.

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