Crazy and bold girl.

Welcome to my world,
I’m a dory, glory,
In my little story,
Blunders, thunders, wonders,
in the past,
Learning from it until
I last,
Boycott, strikeout
all the sad days,
It will be beautiful,
After painful ways,
Twinkling, blinking,
Like a star,
Dreaming, streaming, fighting,
for the goal waiting at far,
Correcting, collecting,
all my mistakes,
Focusing on all my intakes,
I’m holding emotions,
Like Atlantic,
I smile like I’m fantastic,
I’m always crazy, crazy,
and a bold girl,
The naughty one,
In the cool world.

-Prasanna Pala

Your reply

My little story in silence,
My sweet words under guidance,
I’m glad that I have you,
The reason behind my smile is you,
It’s a cute feeling,
It’s happy healing,
Like the sunrise,
To me, it’s a surprise.
You are a beautiful miracle,
You are my bright sparkle,
I’m feeling it like a dream,
My heart feels extreme,
My soul flying at high,
Seeing your reply.

-Prasanna Pala

The hidden one in us.

When we are alone, The naughty one in us comes out. It’s a hidden one to the outer world. But it is our only best friend. Everyone behaves differently when they are in a crowd, But they enjoy when they are alone. These are few words I spoke in front of the mirror.

Black and white,
Don’t be quiet,
Nobody is with you,
Singing alone,
Dancing alone,
Express your happy tone,
Sun and moon,
Making a tune,
I want to sing for you,
You are a flower,
You have the power,
You can do whatever,
You are so sweet,
You are so neat,
You are the coolest one ever,
You are so proud,
You are so loud,
You can make someone get fever,
You are so naughty,
You are so pretty,
You look like an innocent.

-Prasanna Pala

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