It consists of all my feelings,
funny incidents,
happy moments,
and everything in it,
On happy days,
I like to draw nature,
On sad days,
I draw eyes with tears,
In angry, I strike a paper with colors,
Maybe they aren’t pretty,
But still, I love them,
Because everything is my love,
My mood and my happiness.
Even though I’m childish,
I love what I’m doing,
Few people commented that,
It’s not a good hobby,
It gives you nothing,
But I know,
It gives me happiness,
pleasant feeling,
It’s so satisfying,
and also entertaining.
I wish when I look back,
I want to remember all these days,
The time I spent with me,
Not all mobiles and photos,
make me happy every time,
Few drawings and paintings,
can also make me happy.

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