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Cry or die

Everything look so strange,
Even though it was same,
My mind feels so strange,
Everyone are still the same,
Nothing can be filled in,
Can’t let anything out,
Finally should I laugh or cry?
Think about or let it die?

-Prasanna Pala


In the sleepless nights,

My painful eyes,

Expressing with tears,

The morning sun,

With warm smile,

Is the one who cares.

-Prasanna Pala

Terrifying Tomorrow

The world is filling with cruel people,
Day by day increase of crime news,
No safety for people,
Earth is getting polluted,
Forest fire, Earthquakes, Tsunami and much more,
Polluted gases, atom bombs, weapons everywhere,
Instead of helping each other, people fighting with each other,
By knowing these situations also people want to fight,
New terrorists are named Taliban prepared an empire,
Innocent people from Afghanistan trying to run away,
Cruel rules of them shivering the innocent people,
If anyone tries to oppose the rules,
Then they are hanged to death,
By associating with friendly countries,
They are increasing their army,
Firstly, Everyone doubting this may show an impact on India,
There are more possibilities of third world war,
Most of the people and committees are trying to stop this,
But nobody knows what will happen,
Everyone one scared because it may be a sudden war,
If it happens, the earth will become a burial ground.

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