The middle man

The middle man,
In a lot of conversations and fights,
To solve those situations,
I met a couple like that,
A mediator couple,
Sitting in between a family,
To solve a family problem,
But the character of that couple,
Is unimaginable,
They are so-called backbiters,
They enjoy seeing disturbances and fights in the family,
I don’t know why this family called them mediators,
In the middle of the conversation with family,
A small argument raised like fire,
These mediators smiling,
And they started speaking softly,
Instead of pouring water into it,
They added petrol,
They moved the family members apart,
And settled in between them,
Like a friend of both enemies,
The mediators are happy,
They are enjoying this separation,
But the family is divided by trusting them,
Even anyone say the truth about the mediators,
The family is unable to trust them,
Because mediators are such manipulators,
Firstly, a family problem should be solved within it,
If they are inviting these kinds of mediators,
Instead of getting together, they will get divided.

-Prasanna Pala

My experience..

Not everyone in the world likes you,
Not everyone in the world hates you,
But few people are born to hate you,
They will always be around you,
Waiting for the time to see you hurt,
To see you fail, broken, and lose everything,
If we are good and kind-hearted,
They always act around like caring,
They want to evaporate everything you have,
Even though they have everything you have,
But still, they want your things,
They will cry on you, Do all things to destroy you,
Without a single clue, they plan everything,
Sometimes they even do black magic,
You don’t know, Because you trust everyone,
You feel everyone are good,
Don’t trust a person easily.

I’ve gone through these kinds of situations,
I realized the people around me,
So, From that day,
Instead of arguing with them,
I smiled and laughed with them,
I don’t trust them,
They want to see me sad,
But standing beside I want to show them my smile,
They want to see my career turn dark,
But whatever they do is happening in their life,
I’m shining bright,
Because I trust myself more than others,
I’ll never waste my teardrop because of a crook person.
My words may be harsh, aggressive, angry, or whatever,
I express what I feel.

-Prasanna Pala

Lies over alcohol and money

Few situations that happened in families, in office and in between friends.

A glass of alcohol,
Change the words of people,
Most people are addicted to drinking,
Always begging around rich,
Whoever give drinking parties,
They criticize others,
Like enemies of rich ones,
Or the poor people,
Who lives their life with self-respect,
Even the rich people commit mistakes,
The mediators in between for a glass of wine,
Or a bundle of money,
Pushes the sin over poor one,
Doing such deeds,
How can people lead a happy life,
Committing a mistake is a sin,
Putting it over innocent,
To escape from the situation,
How can god excuse them?

If these kinds of situations happened among unknown people,
We can scold them or ignore such idiots,
If this happened in between relatives and families,
What can we say?
We aren’t rich, so what!
We are living with self-respect,
Why should we face your mistakes,
Or why should we be with you,
We don’t treat such people as great ones,
We don’t care who you are,
We lead our lives happily,
We don’t like to interfere,
We stay away from poisonous people like you,
Why are you having such a jealous of us,
By seeing us leading a normal life,
Why are you trying to destroy us,
I don’t know why such people can’t even see,
Someone living happily,
Creating problems make them feel sad,
Is their only work every time,
So that they are creating a small group,
With some people who are attracted to sweet words,
Money, Alcohol and their personal needs,
Nowadays people are becoming cruel.

-Prasanna Pala

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