Gloomy day

Sitting alone under a tree,
Setting up my heart free,
The pleasant breeze,
Holding my keys,
Opening the lock of my memories,
My hidden treasuries,
Coldly, I wonder,
Remembering the days of thunder,
My heartbroken,
Because of the words, you have spoken,
It made me upset,
I want to forget,
I remember more deep,
And cry out extreme,
Whenever I think of you,
Everything turns blue,
As life goes on,
I’m just moving on,
But now I want to step out of you,
And start my life new.

-Prasanna Pala

Happy mood

These words are from some happy situations. They spring out of a happy mood.

A lot to do,
A happy move,
To turn everything new,
In the winds of glow,
My smiles to show,
Nothing makes me feel low,
On the clouds in sky,
Makes me high,
Twinkling in my eye,
Want to dance along,
For my favorite song,
Everything makes me strong,
Laughing all day,
Rising in my way,
Throwing problems away.

-Prasanna Pala


Pain is not known,
Until we experience it,
We can’t share the pain,
Nobody will bear it,
Instead of us,
All is we have to overcome it,
A word,
A comment,
An insult,
Small or big,
It makes us sad,
We shout,
or we ignore,
But we feel pain both times.

-Prasanna Pala

My memory

Few sad days we don’t want to remember. We are unable to forget. We want to run away. We try to forget that, But the more it comes into our thoughts. These words represent what we feel remembering sad situations.

Go away,
Go far from my way,
I don’t want you,
I don’t hear you,
I have none,
To explain my situation,
I can’t change this one,
It’s not that easy,
Remembering this makes me crazy,
Crying alone in the dark,
Remembering this painful mark,
Scared of standing in front of spark,
That’s alright,
All I need is to fight,
With my memory to forget,
But it is poking me like a perfect target,
This pain,
Making me insane,
Even though this situation happened long ago,
But I feel like this happened a minute ago,
Remembering too much is also like hell,
What all we can do is hoping for days to get well.

-Prasanna Pala

My daily routine..!

As soon as I wake up,
You just come into my thoughts,
As time passes to afternoon,
I foolishly laugh,
Thinking about your funny things,
When time stuck in the evening,
I feel like I’m missing you more,
And finally at night,
Your thoughts will end with tears.

-Prasanna Pala

Sad Words..

Oh, my foolish heart,
In this bluish pain,
Still, I don’t know,
Why are you thinking about him,
My words are silly,
For you,
You can’t even hear,
Seeing him hating you,
Do you even want to care for him,
The more he keeps you away,
The more you bounce back to him,
How can I bring you out,
You are left with tears,
But still happy to see him smiling.
The pain he gave will never fade away,
But still you pretend to be happy for him.

-Prasanna Pala

Empty feeling

Even though you know,
You’ll get hurt being with me,
You still came back for me,
Even though in thousands of my mistakes,
You always forgave me,
I don’t know Why,
I wanted to say you,
I knowingly never made a mistake,
You never listen to me,
Even though it’s some other mistake,
You give a cold look every time,
You never say a word,
Should I feel happy,
That you are with me,
Or should I feel sad,
That you never understand me,
How do I confess,
When you are not interested to listen,
You always trust what others say,
You never asked me Is this true?
I feel empty,
I feel guilty,
Whatever mistake happen,
I will be pointed out there,
But it’s not done by me.

-Prasanna Pala

What do I do?

Like sand filled in the desert,
Your words filled in my heart,
Sometimes it makes me sad,
Sometimes it makes me mad,
I don’t have any clue,
Whenever I feel blue,
I’m making myself busy,
I chant your name even though I feel dizzy,
I do a lot of things to divert,
But everything gets revert.

-Prasanna Pala

Wretched life

Problems are plenty,
Joy is empty,
It looks like Vicente (conquer),
No place for Clemente(mild and gentle care).

I’m feeling upset,
I want to forget,
It’s time to reset,
But It is burning like a cigarette,

In between heartless,
I lost my happiness,
I’m feeling like darkness,

I’m alone,
It’s like breaking a bone,
The pain is unknown,
The sadness was overblown.

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