Say something..

Say something,

I wanna hear you,

It’s been so long,

I have been missing you,

You always wake up me,

With your smile,

You always text me,

In the middle of night,

I have been missing your,

Old and olden texts,

I have been missing our,

Funny funny fights,

I remembered these,

Lines you said to me,

“Are you still angry on me,

Okay carry on,

I missing you every day,

Text me anytime,”

By seeing your text,

I lost my anger,

I smiled happily,

I just wanna say you,

I missed you a lot,

I was always always in,

Your love thought.

-Prasanna Pala


Oh no,
I’m exhausted,
I have only a few minutes to logout,
Hurray, I can take some rest,
Time is ticking so fast,
Wow, just ten minutes,
I’m so relieved,
Bang, Bang,
Power cut,
Oh no…..!
I’m about finish everything,
Work stopped,
No charging,
No Wi-Fi,
Not finished work,
Oh no…
My manager!!!
My team leader!!
I need to answer them,
Power came,
It’s playing hide and seek,
Ten minutes dragged to one hour,
Finally, the power came,
I need to answer them all,
I need to logout,
Ufff it is done,
Oh no, I’m tired,
Ahh… Not any more work,
I’m done, exhausted twice.



Don’t step back,
Even you are scared,
Don’t run away,
Seeing the problems,
Don’t feel low,
When you got failed,
Don’t lose your hope,
When you worked for it,
Time always examines you,
To see your patience,
To make you strong,
Like a sudden surprise,
It will give,
What you wished.

-Prasanna Pala

Hard work

I learned a lot,
I want to achieve something,
Day and night, I struggled for it,
Criticize, insults, rumors, failures,
A lot happened,
But nobody stood behind me,
I felt that situations made me strong,
But when I’m going to succeed,
The day or hour before it,
Few people appeared behind me,
Saying that they are my friends,
They trust me a lot,
I felt okay they trust me now,
I never asked them for help,
After my success,
The people who stood behind me,
Saying everyone that,
They are the only ones,
who stood behind my success,
Without them, I can’t even do a piece of work,
And their lies went too long,
All the credit belongs to them, and I stole it.
The people who heard these lies,
Poking me every time,
Saying that you should be thankful to them,
What you earned belong to them, not you,
You are such a cruel one who steals others hard work,
I worked,
I learned,
I did,
I cried,
I struggled,
I worried,
I got success,
But now what’s this?
Without seeing, without knowing, people poking me,
Saying that everything belongs to them,
The people who stood behind me,
Want to steal my hard work,
Only because I’m getting succeed,
If I failed,
They would never stand behind me,
And not even visible to my eyes,
Because they will get nothing standing behind me,
And even they say that I’m never a friend of her,
This is why trusting people is becoming hard for me,
I don’t like to ask a favor from any,
Whatever it is, I worked alone,
I struggled alone,
I succeed alone.
There’s nothing wrong with being alone,
Things happened in the past,
Without their hard work,
They blamed me,
So, I never let someone enter into my work,
I can do it all alone,
Alright, it’s a lesson,
Now don’t repeat it,
I work alone,
I enjoyed my success,
But a small thing making me sad is,
How can people steal others hard work,
Such cruelty with words,
Many people faced,
These kinds of situations,
The words that made us sad,
Never be taken back,
The pain is also never forgotten.

-Prasanna Pala

Fly high

I’m alone,
I don’t know how to fulfill my wish,
Every way is closed,
Everything around me haunting to kill my dream,
Everyone making fun of me,
You are not eligible for great things,
Be within your limits,
Do easy work,
By hearing these words, it feels like hell,
I want to fly,
But every problem dragging me down,
For every step, there are plenty of examinations,
A small mistake will push me to start,
I don’t want to give up,
The world looks so beautiful while flying up,
It’s tough but, I’ll try and try,
Even though it’s a failure,
I will accept it with pleasure.
I’ll work for it Until I achieve it.
Dream big, work hard.

-Prasanna Pala

When no one trusts you?

We all face several situations in life. Sometimes we win and, sometimes we lose. It depends on the past. But when you want to have a bright future. But no one trusts that we can reach them. How do you feel then? They know us we work hard we can achieve our goals. But still, they keep questioning us. Is this possible? Don’t trust yourself blindly. But why all these questions?

They want to give us an opportunity. Still, they stay a step back because if I failed it’s a loss. Without participating, how can we accept our failure? Before giving an opportunity, they question us to prove ourselves. How can this be possible?

Instead of failure, try something easy. Be happy with what you get. Don’t worry about the things that you can’t. Have you ever been in a situation like this? If you trust them and forget your goals and live in that way. You can smile outside but, the inner you cry every day.

So, instead of facing these situations, find a way to create an opportunity instead of asking someone to allow you. If you can’t find a way to get success, then build a way to your success. Be independent. Trust yourself when no one is with you.

-Prasanna Pala

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