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Alone in the dark,
Anger in the heart,
Don’t know who do I express,
Tears stopped falling down,
Throwing things on the ground,
Can’t reset my pain,
Getting hit more and more,
Hurting me twice and thrice,
New pain always rise,
Along the time it goes on.

-Prasanna Pala


In the sleepless nights,

My painful eyes,

Expressing with tears,

The morning sun,

With warm smile,

Is the one who cares.

-Prasanna Pala


When nights are filled with nightmares,

How can I expect morning happy,

All the day of anger,

I’m scolding persons in dreams,

A little nap in between,

Also filled with bad dream,

The stress is over all day,

This is in my thinking,

How should I change my mood,

When nothing look so good,

When nothing makes happy,

When nothing change so fast,

It all takes lot of time,

Lot and lot, lot of time,

All the stress became mine,

How do I be so fine?

-Prasanna Pala

Take rest

Waking up early in the morning,

Just look up the time,

It’s still 4’o clock,

Oh you still have the time,

Why you worried in heart?

Can’t happily sleep for 10 minutes,

Really stressed tired out,

You have to go to work,

Face it right, you need to take rest,

You can see the change,

That’s happening with you,

Oh where are you now,

Make your heart at ease,

Everything gonna be alright.

-Prasanna Pala


Nobody cares,

Nobody thinks,

Nobody helps,

This is our pain,

Nobody knows,

Nobody tries,

Nobody talk,

Even they feel,

You gave us pain,

What did you gain,

You are the one,

Solely responsible,

Completely stressed,

Sometimes depressed,

Don’t know who will hear,

Our little hearts,

Time just goes on,

We have to bear on such a pain.

-Prasanna Pala

Morning stress

Weekend for everyone,

I only have to work,

Feeling is such a pain,

Filled with anger in,

I have some other plans,

I have to cancel it,

Go back to work as usual days,

It’s really bothersome,

Working for long week,

Because I’m assigned to,

No more comments to argue,

Completely stressed in the morning.

-Prasanna Pala

Hard times.

When I want to say something,

Words are hard to find and fill,

How do I express me right now,

I have nothing to say,

Feelings are plenty in,

Words are like empty out,

Look into my eyes,

If you can read my heart,

I always smile everywhere,

That doesn’t mean happy,

I cry alone in home,

I have been missing you.

-Prasanna Pala


It’s my tiny love,

I’m waiting for you now,

Searching like a dove,

I wanna reach you how?

-Prasanna Pala


Will you ever know,

What I wanna say,

Have you ever think of it,

I was holding my apology,

It’s been many days I feel sorry,

I find all the ways to reach you,

I got a chance to text you,

I thought you will accept my sorry,

I was feeling everyday,

I want to say something,

You never know what happened that day,

You are not willing to listen,

You don’t have hope or trust,

How can you be so rude,

Don’t you know,

How I am feeling now,

I wanna sorry,

Without my mistake,

I’m feeling the pain,

I’m suffering the pain,

You just shut the door,

Blocked my text,

How do I reach you,

It’s painful for me,

I can feel the same with you,

Atleast accept my sorry,

I wanna say to you.

-Prasanna Pala

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