A message to a hater. Who always try to destroy us. They are getting themselves in pain. It’s like a suggestion to them.

What’s wrong with you?
Why are you chasing after me?
What do you want from me?
Why are you creating problems around me?
Why do you want to criticize me?
Why are you trying to imitate me?
Do you feel happy seeing me in problems,
Do you want to create cyclones around me?
Do you think a foolish thing like this can hurt me?
You want to destroy my smile,
Take my place,
Want me to fall,
Steal everything I have,
What will they give you?
If they don’t mean anything to you?
The things around me,
The people around me,
The place, the respect,
The happiness,
These all what I earned on my own,
I never got anything easy,
Everything around me,
But if you want to grab all this from me,
That won’t be with you,
Because you are not earning it,
You are stealing it,
If you are chasing after me,
You can’t even take a happy nap for a while,
Because you are filled with negative thoughts,
And a stressed life,
While doing these things,
You will lose yourself,
When you turn back,
To see your whole life,
You can only see me,
Instead of you,
It will hurt you more,
Instead of feeling jealous,
Or taking mine,
Why don’t you create a new for yourself,
New place, new people, and things,
On your own,
That’s what gives you respect,
Don’t feel happy by keeping someone in pain,
That means you are putting yourself into the ocean of pain.
Instead of hating me,
Lead your life happily.

-Prasanna Pala


The pain of the sky is never known to land,
The pain of land is also unknown to the sky,
Sky feel land has everything it wants,
So it is leading a happy life,
I have nothing with me,
The land also thinks about the sky alike,
They never meet each other,
So they don’t know about each other perfectly,
They are jealous of each other,
In the same way, people are jealous of each other,
They have everything that they want,
And I have nothing,
No one will say out, But everyone faces this kind of depression,
I feel we can’t get everything easy,
If we try hard for something wholeheartedly,
It will come to us in a time,
But we should never destroy someone to gain something!

-Prasanna Pala

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