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Sweet and sour.

I’m even feeling bored,

To write something interesting,

My mind is full of your thoughts,

I am still smiling,

Talk to me more and more,

You are little sweet and sour,

Not even days I know,

You have special rays to glow.

-Prasanna Pala


It’s all over in the past,

You know that what you lost,

Don’t cry now out so loud,

It’s all over come out now,

Heart locker is hiding it,

Don’t knock and bring it out,

Let your heart set free,

Make you smile as it want to be.

-Prasanna Pala

Life goes on

When you are,

Thinking of you alone,

Do you feel?

Everything alright?

Let out a long sigh,

Roll up the eyes,

What to say?

What’s the feel?

What this now?

Hated question,

Skipped answer,

No words right now,

Nothing to do now,

And just say,

Life goes on.

-Prasanna Pala

Red moon day

You are walking,

In the way of my tears,

Far away to me,

On the rainy roads,

You wanted to step,

Out of my life,

You left,

Not to see me pain,

Like you never wanna,

Meet me again,

You left out,

Without a word,

I kept searching,

For you all around,

Finally I found you,

On the red moon day,

Your face shining more,

Than the stars and sky,

Don’t leave me like that,

Even in my dream,

Don’t ever cry like this,

This pain made you scream,

I’ll always stay with you,

Don’t suffer anything alone,

My pain is nothing,

When I have you with me.

-Prasanna Pala

Say or stay in silence.

I wanted to say something,

For many days I was holding,

Do you know what I wanna say?

It’s like a million thoughts,

From where should I start the topic,

How can I convey?

You made me feel so curious,

You suddenly change to furious,

I stopped what I wanna say,

Pleasing text I never expected,

You gave me a reply,

I really felt so sad,

I don’t know how to respond,

Little bit of confusion you gave,

Should I say or stay in silence?

-Prasanna Pala


I heard your past story,

Very recently,

My heart crying like like rain,

Touching my soul,

Why did you hide from me,

Never said a word,

You faced all alone,

Sadness long ago,

You take everything,

Very commonly,

You hide all you pain,

Very silently.

-Prasanna Pala


A little bit of madness in me,
Blossoms like a flower,
My hand full of happiness,
I want to hold it forever.

-Prasanna Pala


My heart is about burst out,
I don’t know how to control it,
My heart is throbbing painful,
I’m taking a deep breath in,
I keenly observe everything,
But now I don’t even know what I’m talking,
I’m still in confusion,
Is it a dream or real,
I don’t know why I’m this happy,
My eyes are filled with tears,
What happened to me suddenly,
My heart feels so strange,
Unknowingly I’m shivering now,
My hands are turning cold,
Oh no! Oh no! What is this?
A drastic change in little time,
I’m dancing in cold air,
Even the moon is smiling at high,
Today I’m filled with joy.

-Prasanna Pala

Happy day.

Feeling happy every day,
Singing, dancing on my way,
All the roads filled with snow,
Little birds saying hello,
Hot sun hiding behind clouds,
Hurry burry people in the towns,
Moving here and there in the crowd,
Vehicles sounds are too loud,
I’m holding a cup of tea,
All the trees are staring at me,
Waiting for the bus,
In office, I have a lot to discuss,
All the work done,
I am in return,
Walking in the cold breeze,
My hands are getting freeze,
In the happy mode,
I’m walking on the road,
Happiness holding me tight,
Twinkling stars saying, good night.

-Prasanna Pala


I saw me in your eyes,
I feel me in your smile,
I never expected someone,
Who enjoy my happiness,
Who celebrates my victory,
It’s so precious,
What else do we need,
If we have everything we love.

-Prasanna Pala

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