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A water drop sliding down the leaf,
My heart is dropping all my grief,
Look at you, you are falling on the knees,
Where could your mind get the peace.

-Prasanna Pala


Week is with work from home,

Weekend is work in home,

Everything messy around,

Make me noisy,

Little bit confusion,

Turns into frustration,

Everywhere depression,

I need a vacation,

To come out of this irritation.

-Prasanna Pala


You made my heart flutter,

I couldn’t stop further,

My heart is raising high,

I feel like about to die,

Just open your eyes,

Notice the things happening,

Around you and me,

You being so cool,

Don’t make my heart go crazy.

-Prasanna Pala

Red moon day

You are walking,

In the way of my tears,

Far away to me,

On the rainy roads,

You wanted to step,

Out of my life,

You left,

Not to see me pain,

Like you never wanna,

Meet me again,

You left out,

Without a word,

I kept searching,

For you all around,

Finally I found you,

On the red moon day,

Your face shining more,

Than the stars and sky,

Don’t leave me like that,

Even in my dream,

Don’t ever cry like this,

This pain made you scream,

I’ll always stay with you,

Don’t suffer anything alone,

My pain is nothing,

When I have you with me.

-Prasanna Pala

Happy confusion

Even you give a cold look,

You always smile behind,

Not say something in front,

Always try to do favor,

You are really something,

I never get to know,

Firstly I was screaming,

Now I was laughing,

With this happy confusion.

-Prasanna Pala

New subject..

Sometimes I feel so low,

Suddenly my face just glow,

A minute of your thought,

Changes me,

Too much busy you,

Always waiting me,

Can’t be a perfect pair?

What you think?

I’m more impressed by you,

You are really out of my thoughts,

Mesmerizing one,

Everyday I’m knowing something new,

Thats all about you,

My new subject in life.

-Prasanna Pala


Don’t be like a dragon fly,

It come and go very high,

Don’t make me feel like I can’t hold you,

Be like a butterfly,

Hold me very tight,

Be with me all the time,

I wanna be with you.

-Prasanna Pala

I’m into you.

I was waiting for you,

Until the time you talk to me,

You know,

I always tried to say you,

I missed you so much,

A little bit of conversation,

Makes my day complete,

You are my first message,

You are the last one,

Nothing can cure me,

Except your words,

Nothing can make me smile,

Except you.

-Prasanna Pala

Midnight Fun

Few funny things and thoughts. We like to enjoy. Little happiness and little fun alone. Tiny fantasy.

Waking up at midnight,
Feeling bored,
Walking like a cat,
So that nobody will be disturbed,
Opening the fridge door,
To grab chocolates and ice-cream,
Then hurriedly run back to the room,
Turning on the television,
Watching a horror movie alone,
In the middle, just looking around the room,
To see, Is there any ghost watching us?
I felt, Maybe I’m scarier than the ghost,
After that watching out world,
From the window,
Enjoying the weather,
Imagining few things that will never happen in life,
And smiling like an idiot in the night.

-Prasanna Pala

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