I was alone all the time,
When I need you,
Then you lie to others,
You were with me every time,
You want praising’s,
You feel great,
In front of others,
Have you ever felt,
Your heart ever felt you lie,
Just for your praising’s,
You let someone down,
Just to become popular,
You manipulated sweetly,
Why don’t you feel,
Don’t you have a heart,
By making someone cry,
You are building a castle,
Of your lies,
At least one time,
Are you true to yourself,
By hurting or someone,
And lying like,
I hurt you back,
How do I trust you know?
You continued to be so,
You just want fame and name,
All you need is sympathy,
Your lies may give you that,
But not friends ever.

-Prasanna Pala


When there is no way,

Then where will be the destination?

When there are no words,

Then what will be the promises?

When nothing is true,

Then what will be trust?

When there is no care,

Then where will be the humanity?

When there is no darkness,

Then how will you shine?

-Prasanna Pala

Ran away.

I heard news about someone talking about me behind. I ignored several times. And days passed their words crossed limits. In some gatherings I gave those people a surprise. I wanted to ask them about their lies. But seeing me they just ran away. Without a single word, they just went away.

Liers run away in front of truth,

They will try to escape from situations,

They always speak about us behind,

But infront, they don’t even try to say something,

When we surprisingly step in a group,

They try to jump out of that place,

Fear of facing truth.

-Prasanna Pala


Every lie is countable, and it punishes us. There are only two reasons where most people lie. Firstly, to make some other happy, and second to prove themselves great.
If you lie to make some other happy, It won’t last forever. Because one day, they will know the truth. And from that day, every word of you will be considered a lie. Everyone blames you like you are an unworthy candidate of trust. Rebuilding the trust is the toughest one ever.
If You lie to prove yourselves great, It blazes out life. For a small lie, you need to add one more lie to make people trust you. For that lie, you need to add one more and more. Every lie is like a dry leaf. It builds a castle around you. One day a spark of truth will fall on the castle and burns everything along with you.
That’s what a small lie destroys whole life. Don’t unnecessarily lie every time. Losing is not a mistake. But if you lie and win, that’s your great loss.

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