It’s a love rain,
In my heart,
I’m insane,
Out in world,
You are like a,
Meteorite now,
I’m praying,
For your love,
I feel so,
Perfect with you,
You are my only,
Hidden true,
You always smile,
Brighter than ever,
I need your love,

-Prasanna Pala

Pink sky

It’s a pink sky,
Let’s go,
For a long ride,
Come on,
Let’s have fun,
No flinch,
No fling,
All day with you,
Let’s travel together,
Let’s go to the seashore,
To enjoy more and more,
Let’s dance in the sunset,
It’s a cheery subset.

-Prasanna Pala

Hey boy..

Decorate your heart door,
With stars from the galaxy,
I wanna come in,
To live in your fantasy,
Who can make me laugh like this,
You bought me a smile,
Who can do a life magic?
You changed all my heart,
Every day I’m in the dark,
You bought me colors,
Every day I feel sad,
You made me happy,
Oh, my handsome boy,
Let’s together fly high,
Listen to me lovely guy,
Your glance makes me shy.

-Prasanna Pala

Your smile

Hypnotize me,
With your everyday smile,
Make me,
Fall for you,
Every day for a while,
I don’t wanna miss you,
Even for a second,
I wanna love you every minute,
I wanna move the time,
To the day I see you again.

-Prasanna Pala

I found you..

I found you today,
I don’t know,
The reason,
Why I’m thinking of you,
I’m finding a question,
To talk to you more and more,
I’m waiting for you,
To feel the same,
I don’t know,
I still don’t know,
Why I’m tensed to say you something,
Your voice,
Your smile,
Wondering me now,
Is this gonna love?
What’s all in my mind,
Just one last word,
I wanna hangout in your world.

-Prasanna Pala


Dear eclipse in my heart,
When will you go out,
I wanna see out light,
You are holding me so tight,
Why are you travelling all along my life,
Why don’t you leave me atleast even now,
Why are you laughing,
Seeing me in pain,
How can I escape,
From trap of your chain,
I wanna erase you,
I wanna tear you out,
I wanna run away,
Where I can’t hear you.

-Prasanna Pala


How can you see the truth hiding behind door,
You don’t even dare to step near it,
You step back, you left me, you ran away,
Even a word, Is that true? You never asked?
Hearing to someone, you created a story,
Listening to lies, you imagined a life,
Why did you do so, what should I say you?
I never say a sorry for the I haven’t did,
How should I come to you, when your eyes are filled with lies,
Have you ever thought what you did to me?
Do you ever atleast dreamt coming back to me,
It’s hurting me alot, you don’t have a trust,
It’s killing me inside, my heart is about to burst,
The only thing I learnt is relationship made of trust,
That’s the only thing you don’t have in your heart.

-Prasanna Pala

Work words..

This is a little poem from work words.

Life is irrelevant,
View is in poor quality,
Than what I thought and dreamt,
Where is my point of interest,
And where is my vicinity,
Happiness is unverified,
Then where am I tagged to?
Where is the life hiding?
Sadness is taking a selfie,
How should I label my life as no issue?

-Prasanna Pala

Painful love

Do I need consent to meet you right now?
My heart is like desert alone without you,
How do I stop this ache falling from my eyes,
I still feel embarrass to see into your eyes,
I want to run elsewhere, My heart runs to you,
I want to hide somewhere, but I can’t be without you,
I want to read you everyday like magazine,
You want me to stay away from you,
I always wait for that second to see you,
Even that hurt me a lot, I don’t care.

-Prasanna Pala

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