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Sweet and sour.

I’m even feeling bored,

To write something interesting,

My mind is full of your thoughts,

I am still smiling,

Talk to me more and more,

You are little sweet and sour,

Not even days I know,

You have special rays to glow.

-Prasanna Pala


May be good,

May be bad,

To the stars we are sad,

We welcome a galaxy,

Out of our Fantasy,

And live in our reality,

Thoughts are to the sky,

Days are in earth core,

There is a long distance,

We are traveling to,

We can’t fly without wings,

Every step of ladder,

We create,

Step by step getting better,

Don’t skip a step,

You may fall further,

You will go the start,

Ohh, careful,

It is so harmful,

Way to the sky,

Have lots of pain,

Cross every thing,

Your smile will remain.

-Prasanna Pala

Words to say..

When I want something to say,

You never tried to listen,

When you asked me for same,

I have a reason for hiding it,

When I came again to say,

You are not even thinking,

Or even try to listen to me,

How silly and funny,

Things happened along,

Difficult situations,

Not even knowing how to say,

And you are not ready to accept,

Words are same everywhere,

But the trust and thinking changes,

In the way never expected.

-Prasanna Pala

I’m into you.

I was waiting for you,

Until the time you talk to me,

You know,

I always tried to say you,

I missed you so much,

A little bit of conversation,

Makes my day complete,

You are my first message,

You are the last one,

Nothing can cure me,

Except your words,

Nothing can make me smile,

Except you.

-Prasanna Pala

Special one.

I was in thoughts of you today,

I want to start a conversation,

At the first when I heard your voice,

I was statue for a moment,

Your steps are towards me,

I’m really scared inside,

Your smile is into me,

You are talking to me,

This is not a dream,

Within minutes you disappeared,

I keep searching for you everywhere,

Where did you went?

I can’t see you everyday,

Let me see you happily,

On the day you are in,

Just like memory with me,

One day I’m sitting sad,

I thought you were not here,

Smiling laughing turning around,

You came to me,

I was really shocked,

Did you hear my heart,

Came to me now,

Mr. Busy soul,

Was in front me,

Laughing with friends,

Making me smile,

And my day so special.

-Prasanna Pala

To the core

Whenever things are getting over to me,

My soul wants to run away from me,

I want to live new life again from now,

Forgetting all the memories deep down,

Am I turning into a cold fish alone,

Holding something with a selfish tone,

Its like finding the toughest core,

I started swimming from the shore.

-Prasanna Pala


I heard your past story,

Very recently,

My heart crying like like rain,

Touching my soul,

Why did you hide from me,

Never said a word,

You faced all alone,

Sadness long ago,

You take everything,

Very commonly,

You hide all you pain,

Very silently.

-Prasanna Pala


Everyone said you are a clown,

You are a king/queen without a crown.

-Prasanna Pala


It’s my tiny love,

I’m waiting for you now,

Searching like a dove,

I wanna reach you how?

-Prasanna Pala

Love with lie

I know,

I’m listening to a lie,

I know,

I’m living in lie,

I know,

I’m falling for a lie,

I’m in love with lie,

Leading my life in a lie,

Smiling at a beautiful lie.

Lie, lie, lie,

Every where lie,

Everything lie,

I’m in a lie,

Happiest lie.

-Prasanna Pala

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