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Even we don’t talk,
We always think the same,
Different our worlds,
Heart is similar,
Love is infinite,
Stars look so bright,
Just a minute of you,
Bought a smile for me.

-Prasanna Pala

Love or hate

Good luck, Bad luck,

Fighting for me,

Who gonna hit me hard,

Who gonna hold my hand,

Love and hate,

Staring at me,

Who gonna hug me tight,

Who gonna start a fight?

-Prasanna Pala


May be good,

May be bad,

To the stars we are sad,

We welcome a galaxy,

Out of our Fantasy,

And live in our reality,

Thoughts are to the sky,

Days are in earth core,

There is a long distance,

We are traveling to,

We can’t fly without wings,

Every step of ladder,

We create,

Step by step getting better,

Don’t skip a step,

You may fall further,

You will go the start,

Ohh, careful,

It is so harmful,

Way to the sky,

Have lots of pain,

Cross every thing,

Your smile will remain.

-Prasanna Pala

Not true

Things around you,

Maybe not so true,

Think atleast once,

What you gonna do,

There is some other world,

You can’t take a word,

Seeing from out,

You can’t say who has sword,

It’s really different out,

It’s such a difficulty in,

Nothing gonna change,

When you hold a sin,

Don’t write own story,

Don’t calculate in hurry,

Everything takes time,

Don’t stress to much.

-Prasanna Pala


You made my heart flutter,

I couldn’t stop further,

My heart is raising high,

I feel like about to die,

Just open your eyes,

Notice the things happening,

Around you and me,

You being so cool,

Don’t make my heart go crazy.

-Prasanna Pala


Don’t give a word,

When you know nothing about,

Your single word for fun,

Can hit someone like an arrow,

They smile in the front,

But they know the real pain,

They facing from so long,

So don’t try to laugh,

At someone in the pain,

Be like the same,

Before and after,

Don’t show your fame,

With so attitude,

It may even hurt you,


So don’t blame others,

For a minute of laugh.

-Prasanna Pala

Words to say..

When I want something to say,

You never tried to listen,

When you asked me for same,

I have a reason for hiding it,

When I came again to say,

You are not even thinking,

Or even try to listen to me,

How silly and funny,

Things happened along,

Difficult situations,

Not even knowing how to say,

And you are not ready to accept,

Words are same everywhere,

But the trust and thinking changes,

In the way never expected.

-Prasanna Pala


Many problems around,

I still smile because of you,

Everything was a burden before,

Now every burden looks so simple,

Can be solved by me soon,

The trust you have on me,

Inspires me to face everything,

Anyone in my life,

Not to run away,

Make the problems run,

And laugh out loud,

Make my heart feel ease.

-Prasanna Pala


The pleasant feeling,

Going back to home,

The evening travel,

The rainy roads,

Deserted surroundings,

Staring out of window,

The cold breeze,

Touching me,

A beautiful nap,

Little fear,

Some memories,

Made me smile,

Time ticking slow,

My heart raising high,

That excitement,

Want me to go fast.

-Prasanna Pala

Is this life?

Am I living in my view,

Or am I seeing from other,

Hiding my own happiness,

Laughing for someone’s happiness,

Pretending not to say,

Why I’m happy,

Thinking it may wronged,

From others view,

Silently being like them,

Hating me for being someone,

In a situation,

I should not reject,

Heartless acceptance,

Want to do something,

Forced to do other,

Wanna shoutout loud,

That I hate it,

But silently I’m laughing,

Like I really enjoy,

Life is the one,

Where I’m living with society opinion,

Everything will be judged,

So easy, simple and heartless,

Getting insulted,

Hiding everywhere,

Is this called life?

-Prasanna Pala

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