Will you ever know,

What I wanna say,

Have you ever think of it,

I was holding my apology,

It’s been many days I feel sorry,

I find all the ways to reach you,

I got a chance to text you,

I thought you will accept my sorry,

I was feeling everyday,

I want to say something,

You never know what happened that day,

You are not willing to listen,

You don’t have hope or trust,

How can you be so rude,

Don’t you know,

How I am feeling now,

I wanna sorry,

Without my mistake,

I’m feeling the pain,

I’m suffering the pain,

You just shut the door,

Blocked my text,

How do I reach you,

It’s painful for me,

I can feel the same with you,

Atleast accept my sorry,

I wanna say to you.

-Prasanna Pala


When you come online,

I change my status active,

When you go offline,

I change to away,

All the time I do,

Is only loving you,

You put on every note,

I feel like it’s for me,

Maybe you are feeling same,

Like I feel for you,

We don’t chat frequent,

But if I got a chance,

I never gonna lose it,

I’m waiting for your text,

I think you are doing same,

We don’t chat directly,

But our hearts are connected like so,

Am I thinking too much,

Or this feeling is true,

I don’t wanna judge it,

I’m really happy like this,

I do.

-Prasanna Pala


I know me,
Better than,
You know me now,
I don’t care,
What you think,
About me, how?
I was me,
All the time,
I’m not you,
Why should I,
Change like you,
To be with you,
My world always,
Different from you,
My words always,
Difficult to you,
Don’t always judge me,
By your view,
I don’t turn,
My life to blue.

-Prasanna Pala


Deep blue,
Deep blue ocean,
Hiding, sliding,
My emotion.

Want to move away wars,
I want to ride in the stars,
Fadeaway all the scars,
Travel to the Mars.

Classic and retro feelings,
Flying out of me,
Like bright butterflies,
Reflect twinkling eyes.

What comes the day after tomorrow,
The way that someone behaves,
A single piece of information,
A period of 24 hours.

What you have is present time,
The state of being Cool,
When you are hurt,
You can see the red liquid,
sent around the body by the heart.

The feeling of being certain,
Something exists true,
That express feeling,
being stubborn and refusing.

Renouncing a belief,
And enhancing power,
Forgot the awful experience,
Start tomorrow with eagerness.

-Prasanna Pala

Exam day.

On exam day, The busy things, works that happened. The stress feeling and everything. My way of writing answers. My mistakes and motto. Foolish and also funny things.

Good morning,
Hurry burry getting ready,
Nom nom breakfast,
Packing bags very fast,
Run, run, run and run,
Get on the bus,
Find a seat,
Open the book, turn pages,
Noisy horn,
Talking people,
Disturbing surroundings,
No, no, no, no,
Stop has arrived,
Get down the bus,
Rush into college,
Two hours,
To study,
Turn pages,
Important topics,
Underlined headings,
Short theories,
Long paragraphs,
What not!
Turn turn turn and turn,
People walking here and there,
Laughing, cracking jokes,
That’s so funny,
Oh no!
Tensed, stressed, scared,
Concentrate, concentrate,
No time left,
Read it like rapid-fire,
five minutes before the exam,
Rush into exam hall,
Take a deep breath,
Seeing the question paper,
Ticking all the questions,
That I know,
Write, write and write,
Known questions completed!
Now, it’s time to write the answers,
To the questions I don’t know,
A simple naughty logic,
I write answers to the unknown questions,
From the topics that I read before,
Similar to this question,
Including the headings,
Feeling sad,
That I wrote something,
which is not an exact one,
But I also feel,
Something is better than nothing,
Walking out of exam hall,
Feeling that I learned a lot,
Wrote a lot from learned,
Now I need to wait,
And see what happens next,
After the exam,
I don’t discuss,
What happened in the exam,
Thinking that,
Prepare well for next exam,
Don’t write anything useless,
Which doesn’t match the question,
Answer well for all topics,
A mistake once shouldn’t be repeated,
The only one thing,
I always keep in mind,
Don’t cheat in an exam,
Write what you know,
Whatever the result may be,
The responsibility and hard work will be yours,
Learn the topics that you haven’t written in the exam,
Nothing wrong, Learn again. Even though it’s late,
You can also learn after the exam,
If you failed the exam,
It helps you while writing again,
If you got passed,
It will help you in the future,
Don’t forget to learn.

-Prasanna Pala

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