My crush.

I was waiting,

All the day to meet you,

In the evening,

I met you in person,

You are smiling at so far,

Took my glance at you,

All the fun happening around,

I was only staring at you,

Your smile,

Your laugh,

It’s all filled in my eyes,

You are my crush,

Not the one,

Who makes my eyes happy,

You are the one,

who makes my heart happy.

-Prasanna Pala


The dark art,

In the stark soul,

The time is 2’o clock,

Heart is crying like rock,

Hiding myself in a box,

I’m letting out my tear drops,

Your words are like gunshots,

Reason behind my blood clots,

With you It’s a misery,

It took all my glory,

If a star lost the shine,

It can never look so fine,

I’m expressing my agony,

Standing in the balcony.

-Prasanna Pala


To me you’re a liar,

Your love disappear,

Don’t last even for year,

It left with a tear,

Nothing looks clear,

When you were near,

I was in fear,

You left me dear,

This pain is severe,

You are not sincere,

I smiled when you appear,

Now it’s my life don’t interfere.

-Prasanna Pala

Your reply

My little story in silence,
My sweet words under guidance,
I’m glad that I have you,
The reason behind my smile is you,
It’s a cute feeling,
It’s happy healing,
Like the sunrise,
To me, it’s a surprise.
You are a beautiful miracle,
You are my bright sparkle,
I’m feeling it like a dream,
My heart feels extreme,
My soul flying at high,
Seeing your reply.

-Prasanna Pala

I felt alone

I don’t have a smartphone till now,
Everyone is wondering,
Asking me are you living in the world,
I don’t know what’s in that,
What’s wrong If I don’t use a phone?
That isn’t a crime,
One day I went out shopping with my cousins,
At traveling, everyone is staring at mobiles,
People are too busy,
They are not even looking out of the train,
From a kid to old, everyone using a phone,
In shopping, they are clicking pictures of dresses,
People showing interest in window shopping,
And posting on social media,
Even while eating, they stare at phones,
No one has time to talk to the person sitting beside,
Because they were busy talking to the person away,
While seeing something funny,
They post it on social media instead of enjoying it,
Sometimes it hurts,
We take a break from all social media,
To have a lot of fun,
But everyone is busy with phones,
Even though I’m in between them,
I felt alone.

-Prasanna Pala

Your message

What should I do? You were angry with me,
It’s been three months. You haven’t texted me,
I’m waiting for you. I lost my patience,
I can’t sleep happily. You are in my dreams,
It’s midnight. I don’t care. I want to text you.
So I texted you. Message delivered, waiting for your reply,
I’m staring at my laptop, and I fall asleep,
In the early morning, my mom yelling at me,
I forgot that I texted you. I’m done with my work,
So I’m drawing something. Suddenly, I remembered you,
Oh no! I’m scared. I’m very sure that you will scold me,
Hurriedly I opened my laptop. It’s your message,
You texted me very friendly.
By seeing your messages, I felt you are not angry with me,
You said to me to text you at 3:00 am.
So I felt, Wow, whatever time it may be, I’ll wait for you.
That day I saw a happy smile on my face.
So that night, I’m unable to sleep at least for 5 min,
My heart is filled with happiness,
You spoke to me. I thought, wow! my happy days are back,
But It hasn’t lasted for 4 days. You said to me not to text you again.
I’m happy that at least you have few feelings for me,
So that you spoke to me and scolded me on the last day.
Only that days are most memorable for me.
Whenever I want to talk to you, I’ll text you.
I don’t know whether you noticed it or not,
I texted you once in three months for four years,
I had a hope that one day you will text me back,
But that never happened, So I stopped texting you,
It’s been 2 years since I haven’t received any message from you.
I don’t know why I’m still expecting a message from you.

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