A fear,
It completely changed my life,
Turned everything upside down,
A minute fear,
Raised my voice high,
I’m hiding,
To not to face it,
Tears jumped out of me,
I don’t even know,
What I spoke,
I went completely insane,
It took hours,
To come out of it,
I feel regret,
For my foolish behavior,
At that time,
Some situations are embarrassing,
To come out of it,
Accepting it and never do it again, Is what I learned.

-Prasanna Pala


I know me,
Better than,
You know me now,
I don’t care,
What you think,
About me, how?
I was me,
All the time,
I’m not you,
Why should I,
Change like you,
To be with you,
My world always,
Different from you,
My words always,
Difficult to you,
Don’t always judge me,
By your view,
I don’t turn,
My life to blue.

-Prasanna Pala

All in me

It’s all in me,
It’s all in me,
To do what I love,
To hate what I hate,
Sometimes I’m unique,
Sometimes I don’t speak,
It’s all in me,
To do what I love,
It’s all in me,
To hate what I hate,
I don’t want anyone to judge me out,
I’m the only one with me to hang out,
Why should I be you,
When I have my own life,
Why should I follow,
Why should I borrow,
The days of you,
The ways of you,
It will never be the same as me,
The world of me,
The thoughts in me,
Make me everyday bright,
I don’t let you in me,
I want my heart to be free,
It’s all in me,
To love what I love,
It’s all in me,
To hate what I hate.

-Prasanna Pala

Ran away.

I heard news about someone talking about me behind. I ignored several times. And days passed their words crossed limits. In some gatherings I gave those people a surprise. I wanted to ask them about their lies. But seeing me they just ran away. Without a single word, they just went away.

Liers run away in front of truth,

They will try to escape from situations,

They always speak about us behind,

But infront, they don’t even try to say something,

When we surprisingly step in a group,

They try to jump out of that place,

Fear of facing truth.

-Prasanna Pala

It’s all about love – II

Seeing you from far,
I’m feeling like a war,
You are on the top like a star,
I’m feeling down like a scar,
I can’t stop this feeling,
When nothing around me is healing,
We can’t see the flowing winds,
We can’t cover the olden sins,
I can’t close my eyes and pretend,
I have to find a way to end,
I hope you will come here,
And feel everything was clear.

-Prasanna Pala

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Do I have any word,

To say to you,

Do you have any love,

To give me,

I’m not sure,

When your love is not pure,

I have nothing to ask,

When you are hiding behind mask,

Don’t worry dear,

There is nothing to get fear,

I know the truth,

For love, you are not a considerable worth.

-Prasanna Pala

Drops of love!

The moment I see you,
The magic in you,
It makes me feel new,
It brings out joy,
The sadness get to destroy,
Every moment I want to enjoy,
I feel like beautiful flowers,
Blossoming around me with attractive colors,
Every day, I’m waiting for your love,
By seeing the stars above,
But, You are an imaginary story,
I filled in my diary.

-Prasanna Pala

Bye pain..!

Writing about sad things more and more is a feeling of letting out the pain.

The dark clouds filled in my heart,
My happy smile moved apart,
What should I do now?
I have to get out of this, but how?
Bunch of tensions,
Countless questions,
Painful lessons,
What am I thinking,
My every word is shrinking,
Is this situation made me struck,
Or it’s a piece of thorn to pluck,
Problems are like the winter wind,
But I feel my patience makes me win.

-Prasanna Pala

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