I know

Yes, I’m broken,
But still, I know how to smile,
I’m hurt,
I know how to hide my pain,
I’m sad,
I know how to look happy,
I’m depressed,
I know how to act enjoyable,
I’m tearful,
I know how to be pleasant,
Even though I’m miserable,
I know how to behave like a jubilant.

-Prasanna Pala

Fly high

I’m alone,
I don’t know how to fulfill my wish,
Every way is closed,
Everything around me haunting to kill my dream,
Everyone making fun of me,
You are not eligible for great things,
Be within your limits,
Do easy work,
By hearing these words, it feels like hell,
I want to fly,
But every problem dragging me down,
For every step, there are plenty of examinations,
A small mistake will push me to start,
I don’t want to give up,
The world looks so beautiful while flying up,
It’s tough but, I’ll try and try,
Even though it’s a failure,
I will accept it with pleasure.
I’ll work for it Until I achieve it.
Dream big, work hard.

-Prasanna Pala


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When we trust a crook person. in the start they act like they are the best. They continue to be so for few weeks then after the true colors will be out.
Life becomes miserable, Every tiny mistake has seen with a magnifying glass, By abusing, they cackle around,
Always annoying and bickering around, embarrasses us all the time. Even though they treat us ill mannerly,
we should never gush out of that place.

If we behave angrily, they behave like innocent again. Hurting deeply from inside, we don’t even have a right to express feelings. Is this called friendship?

If a small mistake or a small fight, They try to explain the situation to a third person to be against us. Is this the way to gain fame and people? And in front of all, they fling all valuables so that people feel pity for them. What a fabulous idea? By hurting others, they maintain a grief look. Wow, fantastic!

For people like this, an excuse is also not applicable. They behave like they are innocent in front of us. But they bluff around whenever they change their mood. If we assume they were a spark in the dark. Then will light a bonfire in our heart. If we question anything about such behavior, they pluck us out from life.

We accept them to enter into our lives because we care for them. But they finally make us feel pity for ourselves.
If we imagine like with them life will be happy, Finally they immerse us into sorrow. Finally, we are enemies for them because we were maintaining a distance from them for their dishonest behavior. In this small time they just burgle all our friends.

-Prasanna Pala

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