My memory

Few sad days we don’t want to remember. We are unable to forget. We want to run away. We try to forget that, But the more it comes into our thoughts. These words represent what we feel remembering sad situations.

Go away,
Go far from my way,
I don’t want you,
I don’t hear you,
I have none,
To explain my situation,
I can’t change this one,
It’s not that easy,
Remembering this makes me crazy,
Crying alone in the dark,
Remembering this painful mark,
Scared of standing in front of spark,
That’s alright,
All I need is to fight,
With my memory to forget,
But it is poking me like a perfect target,
This pain,
Making me insane,
Even though this situation happened long ago,
But I feel like this happened a minute ago,
Remembering too much is also like hell,
What all we can do is hoping for days to get well.

-Prasanna Pala

Bye pain..!

Writing about sad things more and more is a feeling of letting out the pain.

The dark clouds filled in my heart,
My happy smile moved apart,
What should I do now?
I have to get out of this, but how?
Bunch of tensions,
Countless questions,
Painful lessons,
What am I thinking,
My every word is shrinking,
Is this situation made me struck,
Or it’s a piece of thorn to pluck,
Problems are like the winter wind,
But I feel my patience makes me win.

-Prasanna Pala

Letter to my Diary

At my high school, I had a beautiful diary with me. Whenever I feel angry, sad, happy, whatever I used to write in it. Unfortunately, I haven’t written anything in it for seven years. I completely forgot about it. One day while cleaning my bookshelf, I saw it. I felt sad while reading everything in it. I’m happy to see this letter I wrote to the diary.

My dear Diary,
You are my best friend. Whenever I feel sad or happy, I fill my memories in you. I’m writing everything in you. Please don’t read it, Understand!
Just hide my feelings in you. I like you a lot. Don’t tear down or destroy yourself. I can’t bear it. Whenever I feel sad, I’ll see you. My memories are in you. I want to see and laugh in the future. I don’t want to forget any memory. Please, don’t leave me.

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