Change in life!

Say yes to new,
When you want change in life,
Nothing to worry,
It take some time,
We have to accept it,
We need to change ourselves,
Don’t make life too bored,
Get rid of the glue,
Try to come out of it,
See your life turning new,
Just come out of it,
You need it,
You have bring out your smile,
You have to think about it,
You can only change it,
You can do what you love.

-Prasanna Pala


Wake up from shock baby.
I’m waiting all the night,

Like a little bee,
I’m Standing out of the door,

Run to me quickly and hug me so tight,
I wanna see your eyes and just stay quiet,

The only thing in my mind,
You, that’s you,
My memories always filled with you,

Wake up from the shock now,
Run to me,

I know you are still waiting for me,
I know,
You are still waiting for me.

Prasanna Pala

As it is..!

I don’t know what’s next,
I can’t say all my past,
I’m living today,
As a new life started today,
I can’t change what happened yesterday,
I don’t know what will be tomorrow,
Then how can I decide,
What’s next,
Things will happen suddenly, surprisingly,
So that we can’t plan the next minute,
Life goes on,
As it is,
We need to accept life,
As it is.

-Prasanna Pala

All in me

It’s all in me,
It’s all in me,
To do what I love,
To hate what I hate,
Sometimes I’m unique,
Sometimes I don’t speak,
It’s all in me,
To do what I love,
It’s all in me,
To hate what I hate,
I don’t want anyone to judge me out,
I’m the only one with me to hang out,
Why should I be you,
When I have my own life,
Why should I follow,
Why should I borrow,
The days of you,
The ways of you,
It will never be the same as me,
The world of me,
The thoughts in me,
Make me everyday bright,
I don’t let you in me,
I want my heart to be free,
It’s all in me,
To love what I love,
It’s all in me,
To hate what I hate.

-Prasanna Pala


You have your own world,
You need to live,
You have your own smile,
You need to believe,
You have your own strength,
You need to know,
You are the only one,
You can shine with your own glow.

-Prasanna Pala


We don’t have any clue,

When suddenly life turns blue,

If we know what’s true,

We can make ourselves new.


No tenemos ni idea,

Cuando de repente la vida se vuelve azul,

Si sabemos lo que es verdad,

Podemos hacernos nuevos.

-Prasanna Pala


Standing at meadows,
Thinking of endless chaos,
Little things are annoying,
You have to let yourself go,
Under the dark lights,
Instead of being like a prisoner,
In your sadness,
You need to be strong,
You need to be you.

-Prasanna Pala

Unknown sadness..

Words are unable,
To express all my pain,
Tears are falling,
Again and again,
I’m always in the same dream,
I’m scared more and more,
I still don’t know many things,
What made me feel so low,
What am I going to do?
What else is bothering me?
Why does my heart racing high,
Why do my words fall low,
why am I in confusion?
What is this illusion?
It is putting me into depression.

-Prasanna Pala

Love and hate.

The more I love,
The more you hate,
The more I care,
The more you hate,
If I move closer,
You just moved away,
If I move away,
You will hold me tight,
Sometimes your heart is like a stone,
Sometimes you melt like ice,
You love to speak,
You are unique,
It’s making me laugh,
It also hurt me a lot,
I don’t know how to react?
Sometimes I feel like I have the world,
Sometimes I feel like nothing.

-Prasanna Pala


When there is no way,

Then where will be the destination?

When there are no words,

Then what will be the promises?

When nothing is true,

Then what will be trust?

When there is no care,

Then where will be the humanity?

When there is no darkness,

Then how will you shine?

-Prasanna Pala

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