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Take rest

Waking up early in the morning,

Just look up the time,

It’s still 4’o clock,

Oh you still have the time,

Why you worried in heart?

Can’t happily sleep for 10 minutes,

Really stressed tired out,

You have to go to work,

Face it right, you need to take rest,

You can see the change,

That’s happening with you,

Oh where are you now,

Make your heart at ease,

Everything gonna be alright.

-Prasanna Pala

Life goes on..

Permitted, Submitted,

Situations of my life,

This happens all the day,

Little stress, Little headache,

This is all I got,

What to think everyday,

Nothing exciting,

Boring day, Boring time,

Exhausted with all work,

Taking some selfies in,

Nothing look perfect out,

Where do I hangout and move on?

-Prasanna Pala


I will give a title new,

For every shade of you,

A single word from you,

Brings me out of blue.

-Prasanna Pala


With a little smile,

I had a hope,

There will be a miracle,

Waiting for me tomorrow,

Everything will change,

Better and best,

Than I expected,

Happier than I am.

-Prasanna Pala

Words to say..

When I want something to say,

You never tried to listen,

When you asked me for same,

I have a reason for hiding it,

When I came again to say,

You are not even thinking,

Or even try to listen to me,

How silly and funny,

Things happened along,

Difficult situations,

Not even knowing how to say,

And you are not ready to accept,

Words are same everywhere,

But the trust and thinking changes,

In the way never expected.

-Prasanna Pala

Let’s play game

You took everything,

From me,

And ran away,

Away so far,

I never noticed it,

Or even had a doubt,

Why you did that to me?

May be fate,

You are back,

Scared of me?

Scolding me,

Moving away,

Hiding from me,

I don’t know why,

You are doing this?

Later on I found the truth,

Do you still think that,

I’ll leave you like so?

You took my thoughts,

My words,

On your behalf,

And tried to hard,

To be like me,

Live like me,

Every moment,

You copied, you cried,

And fooled everyone around,

Saying you are me,

Aren’t you tired of being me,

But now I realized,

Who you are,

Your true colors,

So I’m starting my life,

Again for me,

I’ll hold on my words,

My hardwork,

As a copycat,

You can copy my finished work,

But not my preparations,

And my reality,

Let’s play the game,


-Prasanna Pala

My pearl

My hard shell heart,

Having pearl in it,

The precious one,

That is you,

Holding you in,

Don’t want to break it,

And let you go out,

Want you in,

Until it’s alive,

If you are out,

It doesn’t have a life.

-Prasanna Pala

Too close

I thoughtlessly took a decision,

Hopefully started imagination,

Everyday I was living in those,

I smile, I laugh, I cry and even blame,

For unnecessary things,

That never gonna happen,

Over thinking, taking too much in,

Falsely living in some world,

Finally knowing the truth,

All these things, thoughts,

Are just kind of imaginary pain,

Which is not even happened,

Or never can be spoken out,

Can’t erase easily, can’t hold onto,

Feeling very sick from in,

Those were just thoughts,

Not real as I expected,

Because life never gives,

What all we want,

It just give what we need,

And we have to learn,

Not to think or take something,

So close without knowing it.

-Prasanna Pala


You are in my mind,

Since long time,

Every minute of you,

A special moment for me,

Everything thing changed,

Around me,

But not you,

You are still the same,

Who I liked and love,

Till now and even after,

How can I give up so easily,

When the situations change,

Don’t expect either,

I’ll be there,

To irritate you,

To love you,

To care you,

To be with you.

-Prasanna Pala

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