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I try live a peaceful life,
I am into problem strife,
Oh god why me,
I can’t say try me,
No matter what topic is,
I fell in these kind of things,
One thing I just told,
Situation turned to cold,
I haven’t complain,
I just explain,
I thought of concern,
I got frown in return,
A small issue,
I’m crushed like a tissue,
Things got discussed,
Is this the question on trust?
This is a tiny clutch,
My mind thinks too much.

-Prasanna Pala


When you say your bye,
I call you bad boy,
Baby just call me back?
I really miss you,
I wanna call you,
But this happens so,
How do I explain,
I’m on stress lane,
Can we discuss now,
Baby when I’m free,
You are bit busy,
Time is for us so.

-Prasanna Pala

Cry or die

Everything look so strange,
Even though it was same,
My mind feels so strange,
Everyone are still the same,
Nothing can be filled in,
Can’t let anything out,
Finally should I laugh or cry?
Think about or let it die?

-Prasanna Pala


Five minutes of time,

Feels like so long,

When you wait,

For something eagerly,

Hours of time,

Fly away easily,

When you spent,

On enjoying,

It’s all what we feel,

Time is same as it is.

-Prasanna Pala


What’s this fever,

Made my day awkward,

Feeling so tired,

The eyes are burning,

The food taste so bitter,

All the day I’m taking rest,

Nothing feel so better,

My energy getting down,

I can’t feel anything now,

Day became so lazy,

I’m pulling me out,

Instead of being sick,

Still the day continues like so.

-Prasanna Pala

Let’s play game

You took everything,

From me,

And ran away,

Away so far,

I never noticed it,

Or even had a doubt,

Why you did that to me?

May be fate,

You are back,

Scared of me?

Scolding me,

Moving away,

Hiding from me,

I don’t know why,

You are doing this?

Later on I found the truth,

Do you still think that,

I’ll leave you like so?

You took my thoughts,

My words,

On your behalf,

And tried to hard,

To be like me,

Live like me,

Every moment,

You copied, you cried,

And fooled everyone around,

Saying you are me,

Aren’t you tired of being me,

But now I realized,

Who you are,

Your true colors,

So I’m starting my life,

Again for me,

I’ll hold on my words,

My hardwork,

As a copycat,

You can copy my finished work,

But not my preparations,

And my reality,

Let’s play the game,


-Prasanna Pala

My pearl

My hard shell heart,

Having pearl in it,

The precious one,

That is you,

Holding you in,

Don’t want to break it,

And let you go out,

Want you in,

Until it’s alive,

If you are out,

It doesn’t have a life.

-Prasanna Pala

Too close

I thoughtlessly took a decision,

Hopefully started imagination,

Everyday I was living in those,

I smile, I laugh, I cry and even blame,

For unnecessary things,

That never gonna happen,

Over thinking, taking too much in,

Falsely living in some world,

Finally knowing the truth,

All these things, thoughts,

Are just kind of imaginary pain,

Which is not even happened,

Or never can be spoken out,

Can’t erase easily, can’t hold onto,

Feeling very sick from in,

Those were just thoughts,

Not real as I expected,

Because life never gives,

What all we want,

It just give what we need,

And we have to learn,

Not to think or take something,

So close without knowing it.

-Prasanna Pala


The confusion in my heart,

The cause of fear,

Should I smile?

Or cry out?

Is this pain,

Or just a situation,

I don’t know,

What to define,

Like stress,

Not hurting much,

Or changed everything,

Is this true?

Or Am I feeling low?

I can’t decide,

How to consider,

This kind of thing,

Where I’m unable to,

Talk about,

Thousands of thoughts,

Unforgettable words,

Don’t know,

How to solve,

What is the question,

I am thinking about?

-Prasanna Pala

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