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Beautiful scar

Heavy by heart,
Stopped my tear drop,
Look at the sky,
No one can see you cry,
Feeling for nothing,
Which mean like everything,
Piercing the pain,
Scar look so beautiful.

-Prasanna Pala


Moving so closer to love,

Going away from this now,

Hide and seek of sorrow,

Continues tomorrow,

Just like a cartoon,

I want this season end soon.

-Prasanna Pala


The confusion in my heart,

The cause of fear,

Should I smile?

Or cry out?

Is this pain,

Or just a situation,

I don’t know,

What to define,

Like stress,

Not hurting much,

Or changed everything,

Is this true?

Or Am I feeling low?

I can’t decide,

How to consider,

This kind of thing,

Where I’m unable to,

Talk about,

Thousands of thoughts,

Unforgettable words,

Don’t know,

How to solve,

What is the question,

I am thinking about?

-Prasanna Pala


I felt my heart,

Going to explode,

Listening to you today,

Is this really you,

Am I seeing new,

I have no clue,

What’s this change in you,

I never knew,

This side of you,

From the far,

To the dearest,

Your journey with me,

Is the best part,

In my life,

Want it to last forever,

Like these happy days.

-Prasanna Pala

Say or stay in silence.

I wanted to say something,

For many days I was holding,

Do you know what I wanna say?

It’s like a million thoughts,

From where should I start the topic,

How can I convey?

You made me feel so curious,

You suddenly change to furious,

I stopped what I wanna say,

Pleasing text I never expected,

You gave me a reply,

I really felt so sad,

I don’t know how to respond,

Little bit of confusion you gave,

Should I say or stay in silence?

-Prasanna Pala

I’m into you.

I was waiting for you,

Until the time you talk to me,

You know,

I always tried to say you,

I missed you so much,

A little bit of conversation,

Makes my day complete,

You are my first message,

You are the last one,

Nothing can cure me,

Except your words,

Nothing can make me smile,

Except you.

-Prasanna Pala

Demon in human

Today, In the early morning,
I saw a video of a parent hitting her child,
The pity kid was bleeding,
She is punching on the kid face,
That kid was two years old,
How can a mother beat her child to death,
To just let out the anger on her partner,
She showed it on the poor kid,
Not only this one,
A father killed his child,
Because of his reasons,
Somewhere I saw video,
Two people tortured their father,
To get his property,
They dragged him out of the house,
Treated him like an animal,
Few people threw out their parents,
Saying that they are for no use,
Slapping, beating, torturing,
They did a lot,
For the parents who showed them a way to live,
Now kids are feeling parents as a burden,
At some places, parents torturing kids,
And other Kids torturing parents,
In the world,
Many people crying,
That they don’t have parents,
Elders, kids to take care of them,
But here, People are cruel,
Killing, torturing, throwing their loved ones,
Out of the house,
If there are no loved ones around us,
Then what is a meaning for life?
How will these people get changed?
People are becoming demons day by day,
Very cruel towards everyone,
The world looks so scary and terrific.

-Prasanna Pala

Trouble makers

when we try to solve others problems,
while helping them, We fell into it,
By pulling us down, They climb up,
And next, they try to help us.
They call themselves a savior,
And finally, we are called trouble makers.

-Prasanna Pala


I felt it by seeing someone.

You are used to it,
It became your habit,
Committing a mistake,
Telling lies like a piece of cake,
You are strange,
You’ll never change,
You are lazy,
Your limits out crazy,
You want to find,
A reason to bind,
You want an excuse,
If not, you will abuse,
You are a crook,
You hurt people by inserting a hook.

-Prasanna Pala

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