Demon in human

Today, In the early morning,
I saw a video of a parent hitting her child,
The pity kid was bleeding,
She is punching on the kid face,
That kid was two years old,
How can a mother beat her child to death,
To just let out the anger on her partner,
She showed it on the poor kid,
Not only this one,
A father killed his child,
Because of his reasons,
Somewhere I saw video,
Two people tortured their father,
To get his property,
They dragged him out of the house,
Treated him like an animal,
Few people threw out their parents,
Saying that they are for no use,
Slapping, beating, torturing,
They did a lot,
For the parents who showed them a way to live,
Now kids are feeling parents as a burden,
At some places, parents torturing kids,
And other Kids torturing parents,
In the world,
Many people crying,
That they don’t have parents,
Elders, kids to take care of them,
But here, People are cruel,
Killing, torturing, throwing their loved ones,
Out of the house,
If there are no loved ones around us,
Then what is a meaning for life?
How will these people get changed?
People are becoming demons day by day,
Very cruel towards everyone,
The world looks so scary and terrific.

-Prasanna Pala

Trouble makers

when we try to solve others problems,
while helping them, We fell into it,
By pulling us down, They climb up,
And next, they try to help us.
They call themselves a savior,
And finally, we are called trouble makers.

-Prasanna Pala


I felt it by seeing someone.

You are used to it,
It became your habit,
Committing a mistake,
Telling lies like a piece of cake,
You are strange,
You’ll never change,
You are lazy,
Your limits out crazy,
You want to find,
A reason to bind,
You want an excuse,
If not, you will abuse,
You are a crook,
You hurt people by inserting a hook.

-Prasanna Pala


The pain of the sky is never known to land,
The pain of land is also unknown to the sky,
Sky feel land has everything it wants,
So it is leading a happy life,
I have nothing with me,
The land also thinks about the sky alike,
They never meet each other,
So they don’t know about each other perfectly,
They are jealous of each other,
In the same way, people are jealous of each other,
They have everything that they want,
And I have nothing,
No one will say out, But everyone faces this kind of depression,
I feel we can’t get everything easy,
If we try hard for something wholeheartedly,
It will come to us in a time,
But we should never destroy someone to gain something!

-Prasanna Pala


Believe in yourself,
Life makes you happier itself,
Don’t believe in horoscope,
If you still have hope,
Even though there are unpleasant things,
Don’t forget that you have your wings,
Fly towards the dream,
Even though your destination is at the extreme.

-Prasanna Pala

I felt alone

I don’t have a smartphone till now,
Everyone is wondering,
Asking me are you living in the world,
I don’t know what’s in that,
What’s wrong If I don’t use a phone?
That isn’t a crime,
One day I went out shopping with my cousins,
At traveling, everyone is staring at mobiles,
People are too busy,
They are not even looking out of the train,
From a kid to old, everyone using a phone,
In shopping, they are clicking pictures of dresses,
People showing interest in window shopping,
And posting on social media,
Even while eating, they stare at phones,
No one has time to talk to the person sitting beside,
Because they were busy talking to the person away,
While seeing something funny,
They post it on social media instead of enjoying it,
Sometimes it hurts,
We take a break from all social media,
To have a lot of fun,
But everyone is busy with phones,
Even though I’m in between them,
I felt alone.

-Prasanna Pala

Tears will never win.

People usually cry at some arguments. It just reflects that they are losing the argument so, they are crying to gain some sympathy. Whatever the argument may be, never let your tears dropdown. Tears describe that you have made a mistake.
Few people say that they are sensitive and they can’t handle the pain. It’s tough but, we need to be strong. This is life. Instead of crying in front of someone, cry alone. It decreases your fear. The way you stood and face the problem defines your character. Never wish for someone pity and support. Fight alone. Truth is always stronger than lakhs of lies.
Self-respect is the first important aspect of your life. It will be with you forever. So never cry if you are correct. If you cry and win it means nothing you will be a loser.

Secret Success

Sometimes we need to go in a secret way to reach our goal.
It's all because of people around you,
People bicker around you,
So if you are low, you may get attracted to them
They will change your path,
because they don't want you to grow higher,
Being a good person struggles you a lot,
A kind behavior can also kill your goal.
If you want to get success,
You have to work hard,
struggle for want you dreamt,
You have to be with you even in the problems,
Take care of yourself when no one is with you,
Don't say, Surprise them with your success.

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