Walk behind you..

Finally, finally,
You never know,
What I feel,
My words are silently,
Dying in front of you,
I know it’s hurting me,
But I’m okay,
I’m feeling okay,
I can’t forget easily,
All the happy memories,
Even everything disappears,
It is so painful,
But I won’t step ahead,
I still love to walk behind you.

-Prasanna Pala

Happy mood

These words are from some happy situations. They spring out of a happy mood.

A lot to do,
A happy move,
To turn everything new,
In the winds of glow,
My smiles to show,
Nothing makes me feel low,
On the clouds in sky,
Makes me high,
Twinkling in my eye,
Want to dance along,
For my favorite song,
Everything makes me strong,
Laughing all day,
Rising in my way,
Throwing problems away.

-Prasanna Pala


When someone left us without a goodbye.

I still don’t know why,
I feel it’s a lie,
Always fooling around,
I’m falling on the ground,
I don’t know,
What made you so,
You moved away,
Life turned to grey,
Without a word,
You flew like a bird,
You can jump over everything,
To you, I’m just nothing,
It doesn’t matter If I cry,
When you went away without a goodbye.

-Prasanna Pala

My dove

Everything will be alright,
Next days will be bright,
Stop being hurt,
Remove it like dirt,
You have to stop,
And hold your teardrop,
Don’t be afraid,
To the one who betrayed,
You’ll feel better,
When you come out of pressure,
Everything will be fine,
Your heart will feel divine,
Smile, my beautiful dove,
You are the only one I love.

-Prasanna Pala

The hidden one in us.

When we are alone, The naughty one in us comes out. It’s a hidden one to the outer world. But it is our only best friend. Everyone behaves differently when they are in a crowd, But they enjoy when they are alone. These are few words I spoke in front of the mirror.

Black and white,
Don’t be quiet,
Nobody is with you,
Singing alone,
Dancing alone,
Express your happy tone,
Sun and moon,
Making a tune,
I want to sing for you,
You are a flower,
You have the power,
You can do whatever,
You are so sweet,
You are so neat,
You are the coolest one ever,
You are so proud,
You are so loud,
You can make someone get fever,
You are so naughty,
You are so pretty,
You look like an innocent.

-Prasanna Pala

Happy day.

Feeling happy every day,
Singing, dancing on my way,
All the roads filled with snow,
Little birds saying hello,
Hot sun hiding behind clouds,
Hurry burry people in the towns,
Moving here and there in the crowd,
Vehicles sounds are too loud,
I’m holding a cup of tea,
All the trees are staring at me,
Waiting for the bus,
In office, I have a lot to discuss,
All the work done,
I am in return,
Walking in the cold breeze,
My hands are getting freeze,
In the happy mode,
I’m walking on the road,
Happiness holding me tight,
Twinkling stars saying, good night.

-Prasanna Pala

My dear enemy

The one who hurts you unnecessarily is enjoying it now by seeing you in pain. But nobody knows about the future. Hurting someone means hitting a ball to the wall, And it bounces back with twice power. Here are a few words about that kind of situation.

Remembering this moment,
That made you my opponent,
I learned a lot,
From the lessons, you taught,
You played a trick,
You want me to get sick,
I stood strong,
Even the situations are wrong,
You are just a nightmare,
Invisible like morning air,
Don’t think of putting me down,
And feel like wearing a crown,
Don’t try to play a game,
That doesn’t keep you in a happy frame,
You are cunning,
To me, you are nothing,
If you hurt me once,
The deed will punish you twice,
I’m not worried about this situation happened to me,
I happily stepped out of this level free,
And don’t forget your mistake is enrolled,
Revenge will serve you cold.

-Prasanna Pala


I’m a lazy person,
I always delay my works,
If one month project,
I like to enjoy for half of the time,
And in the rest half, I work twice harder,
I’ll complete it within time,
But I never worked peacefully,
I think It’s okay,
I’m on my word,
Whatever I’ve done that,
In the last days, I work like,
A rope tied to my neck,
In the same way,
I thought about some work,
A sudden journey,
I went to a village,
So I felt,
I can go back,
To town in the evening,
And I can finish my work the whole night,
I stood at the bus top,
Waiting for the bus,
I came earlier than bus time,
Waiting for the bus,
I’m freaking out,
I stood there for 2 hours,
Maybe it will be late today,
People nearby said,
The bus will come within time,
Else it won’t arrive today,
You can catch the bus tomorrow morning,
It’s over. All my work is delayed,
I crossed my words,
We need to work earlier than time,
We can never know what time changes,
It turned my life upside-down,
From that day,
I never delayed my works,
Whatever it is,
I tried to complete it first,
And enjoy later.
Laziness is worst than a drug,
If we get addicted to it,
It’s very tough to get out of it.

-Prasanna Pala

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Way to victory


Your message

Thank you.

Chunks of love.

I was a baby girl,
You saw me then,
You made me a Barbie doll,
You stood like men,
You cared for me everywhere,
You followed me,
You loved me every time,
You laughed with me,
You are my everything,
I fell for you,
You are my every word,
I look for you,
You are my happiness,
You are my art,
You are my craziness,
You stole my heart.

-Prasanna Pala


Few things make us sad. Instead of getting mad, we need to throw them out. And it’s not a crime that you got fooled once. It’s a crime If you trust that person again. I’m fooled these words came out of my anger.

Stop your words,
They are meaningless verbs,
You have nothing else,
It’s stopping my pulse,
Don’t come closer,
Things are over,
Go away,
Far away,
Firstly, You are good at flirting,
Now I felt you are best in hurting,
Hurting, crying, what not,
You taught me a lot,
A beautiful crime,
You made it within time,
One day you may feel regret,
But this day I’ll never forget,
This time I may be a fool,
Now I have to change my self cool,
I don’t cry anymore,
Thinking about things that happened before,
I’m spitting it out,
That stuck in my throat like a sprout.

-Prasanna Pala

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