The angry eyes,
Hearing all lies,
The red roses,
burned into ashes,
The face of glow,
Turned down to low,
It is so called pain.

-Prasanna Pala

The middle man

The middle man,
In a lot of conversations and fights,
To solve those situations,
I met a couple like that,
A mediator couple,
Sitting in between a family,
To solve a family problem,
But the character of that couple,
Is unimaginable,
They are so-called backbiters,
They enjoy seeing disturbances and fights in the family,
I don’t know why this family called them mediators,
In the middle of the conversation with family,
A small argument raised like fire,
These mediators smiling,
And they started speaking softly,
Instead of pouring water into it,
They added petrol,
They moved the family members apart,
And settled in between them,
Like a friend of both enemies,
The mediators are happy,
They are enjoying this separation,
But the family is divided by trusting them,
Even anyone say the truth about the mediators,
The family is unable to trust them,
Because mediators are such manipulators,
Firstly, a family problem should be solved within it,
If they are inviting these kinds of mediators,
Instead of getting together, they will get divided.

-Prasanna Pala


If we have best relatives,

We thank god,

But if we have worst,

We feel it’s our fate,

I have such a cruel relatives,

Who are money minded,

They always poke around,

Gossiping behind about financial status,

Insulting in family functions,

If we refuse to attend family gatherings,

They say we are relation breakers,

Because of us party got spoiled,

Maybe we are poor,

That doesn’t mean, We don’t have self-respect,

We are not slaves to clap for whatever they say,

and smile for an insult,

We are educated,

We know how to respect people than money,

But they respect people who have money,

If they see rich people,

They behave so politely,

What an acting for money,

I don’t know what money gives them,

If a person with no ethics , no manners, no humanity, no politeness,

Is never called a human,

People like this living on earth is useless weight for earth,

living with such a people is like hell,

Staying away from them is the best thing.

So, I felt instead of being with such people, leading life alone is happiest.

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