Ran away.

I heard news about someone talking about me behind. I ignored several times. And days passed their words crossed limits. In some gatherings I gave those people a surprise. I wanted to ask them about their lies. But seeing me they just ran away. Without a single word, they just went away.

Liers run away in front of truth,

They will try to escape from situations,

They always speak about us behind,

But infront, they don’t even try to say something,

When we surprisingly step in a group,

They try to jump out of that place,

Fear of facing truth.

-Prasanna Pala

I want to run away

Instead of being here,
with heartless people,
poking all around,
Laughing at me,
spreading rumors,
Hurting around,
feeling jealous behind,
always creating problems,
disturbing a peaceful life.
I want to run away,
To a new place,
Where nobody knows me,
I want to restart my life,
I want to forget all the past,
I want to step forward,
I want to be in a new community,
With new people,
So that I feel at least okay.

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