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New subject..

Sometimes I feel so low,

Suddenly my face just glow,

A minute of your thought,

Changes me,

Too much busy you,

Always waiting me,

Can’t be a perfect pair?

What you think?

I’m more impressed by you,

You are really out of my thoughts,

Mesmerizing one,

Everyday I’m knowing something new,

Thats all about you,

My new subject in life.

-Prasanna Pala

Special one.

I was in thoughts of you today,

I want to start a conversation,

At the first when I heard your voice,

I was statue for a moment,

Your steps are towards me,

I’m really scared inside,

Your smile is into me,

You are talking to me,

This is not a dream,

Within minutes you disappeared,

I keep searching for you everywhere,

Where did you went?

I can’t see you everyday,

Let me see you happily,

On the day you are in,

Just like memory with me,

One day I’m sitting sad,

I thought you were not here,

Smiling laughing turning around,

You came to me,

I was really shocked,

Did you hear my heart,

Came to me now,

Mr. Busy soul,

Was in front me,

Laughing with friends,

Making me smile,

And my day so special.

-Prasanna Pala

Staring at you

I was staring at you,

All the day,

I can’t even put my eyes away,

Searching every where you are,

Waiting for you come front of me.

-Prasanna Pala

Tears and smile

When you know,

You are the reason for tear,

When you know,

You are the reason for smile,

You can’t express both feelings,

From your eyes,

Feeling so pain in,

Laughing so out loud,

Hear your voice in the silence.

-Prasanna Pala

Run away

I want to run away,

Seeing this pain,

Hurting me in,

Edge of my heart,

Burning my eyes,

End of my happiness,

To the place,

No body knows me,

I can be me,

Without this zone,

I will be the one,

Forget all the past,

Throw the bad,

I want to run,

Away so far,

No body knows,

Am I alive,

I want to live,

As a new one.

-Prasanna Pala


If you have some time to meet me,

Come to me slowly,

I was always waiting for you,

Cheerful Cheerfully,

I was running rushing down,

When I hear your voice,

I was smiling smiling lot,

Thinking of you now,

Anyways tomorrow,

I gonna see you again,

Don’t broke down into tears,

I will be with you all the time,

Smile and smile,

Smile and smile,

Don’t be a cry baby,

I know how much you missed me,

All the time baby,

Forget it forget it,

Finally we are together.

-Prasanna Pala


It’s been so long,

Since I heard you,

I’m eagerly waiting,

To see you again,

Even years passed,

I remember the day,

When I saw you the first,

You were a little child,

With a beautiful smile,

Even to now,

You look like the same.

-Prasanna Pala

My cloud.

No chance to agony,
I have you with me,
You are an unfading flower,
You blossom everyday,
You are my wispy white cloud,
Glossy and delicate one.

-Prasanna Pala

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