Change the way you go,
Be the one you love,
You have everything,
In life be like you for now,
Footsteps in the sand,
Memories in the clouds,
Following you,
Loving you,
Go where ever you want,
Life is little one,
You have to run,
Spread smiles in ton,
Shine like the sun,
Walk in the moon,
The next will be soon,
Pick up the lesson,
And drive so cool.

-Prasanna Pala


When there is no way,

Then where will be the destination?

When there are no words,

Then what will be the promises?

When nothing is true,

Then what will be trust?

When there is no care,

Then where will be the humanity?

When there is no darkness,

Then how will you shine?

-Prasanna Pala


With lights in the dark,
With the smiles in sad,
Leading a happy life,
Like good in evil,
Like evil in the good,
Time always changes,
With a wish,
With hope,
We all move forward,
Small mistakes,
More intakes,
In this big world,
Shine like a tiny star.

-Prasanna Pala

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