Evening travel..

Shimmering blue water,
Away from me,
Orange sunset,
Is Smiling down free,
Traveling in a vintage car,
Beautiful forest roads,
Far away mountains,
Covered with clouds,
Strawberries, cranberries,
Serving me sweet and sour,
My scarlet scarf fled away,
By holding wind as a friend,
Refreshing and pretty air,
Makes my hands so cold,
Cheerful bright lights are on all the way,
Earthy greens are about to sleep,
The shining stars, twilight moon,
Made a beautiful view in the sky,
It’s all the classy travel,
Beautiful way to my destination,
Memories filled with natural elegance.



You have your own world,
You need to live,
You have your own smile,
You need to believe,
You have your own strength,
You need to know,
You are the only one,
You can shine with your own glow.

-Prasanna Pala

Healing ourself

Whenever we feel sick, we should never discourage ourselves.
Instead, we need to praise ourselves. We can only heal ourselves when no one is with us.

Your skills are omnipotent,
You are ineffable,
You are famous for jauntiness,
You are pretty,
You are an example of captivating,
You are your lexicon,
You are meant for goodness.

You are my theory

In my tiny world,
I have you before my word,
I want you to hold,
Even in the cold,
With you around,
I feel crowned,
In your showers of love,
I’m flying above,
In my nonsense,
You feel innocence,
In my ignorance,
You know my illness,
Even though moments are clumsy,
You still trust me,
You are my only theory,
You made me cheery.

-Prasanna Pala

You’re right

The happiness is waiting for you,
New problems are approaching you,
You have to stay strong,
Even though people poking you wrong,
It may be a severe attack,
Don’t step back,
Even in pain, If you stand straight,
One day, everyone knows you are right.

-Prasanna Pala

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