There is no way,
There is no will,
Then how so called it life,
There is no smile,
There is no tear,
Then how can I move further,
How can I hold water,
How do I touch the air,
How do I feel color,
If nothing looks so right,
How can I reach the moon,
How do I count the stars,
How can I stop the rain,
How should stop the sadness in me like so,
My mind goes insane,
I feel pain again,
My tears gonna drain,
How will I remain?

-Prasanna Pala


I don’t know you,
You don’t know me,
Now we are together,
By destiny,
You laugh at me,
I laugh at you,
We both had a lot of fun continuously,
You made me cry,
I made you cry,
It’s a story of us surprisingly,
Oh! me here,
You came near,
Even in the fights,
Even in the smiles,
You are always with me,
Even in pain,
Even in the gain,
You are my only friend.

-Prasanna Pala

The truth.

It’s bitter truth about few who do like that with poor. A painful situation faced by people in the society.

Nowadays, respect is given according to the financial status.

-Prasanna Pala

Ran away.

I heard news about someone talking about me behind. I ignored several times. And days passed their words crossed limits. In some gatherings I gave those people a surprise. I wanted to ask them about their lies. But seeing me they just ran away. Without a single word, they just went away.

Liers run away in front of truth,

They will try to escape from situations,

They always speak about us behind,

But infront, they don’t even try to say something,

When we surprisingly step in a group,

They try to jump out of that place,

Fear of facing truth.

-Prasanna Pala

Demon in human

Today, In the early morning,
I saw a video of a parent hitting her child,
The pity kid was bleeding,
She is punching on the kid face,
That kid was two years old,
How can a mother beat her child to death,
To just let out the anger on her partner,
She showed it on the poor kid,
Not only this one,
A father killed his child,
Because of his reasons,
Somewhere I saw video,
Two people tortured their father,
To get his property,
They dragged him out of the house,
Treated him like an animal,
Few people threw out their parents,
Saying that they are for no use,
Slapping, beating, torturing,
They did a lot,
For the parents who showed them a way to live,
Now kids are feeling parents as a burden,
At some places, parents torturing kids,
And other Kids torturing parents,
In the world,
Many people crying,
That they don’t have parents,
Elders, kids to take care of them,
But here, People are cruel,
Killing, torturing, throwing their loved ones,
Out of the house,
If there are no loved ones around us,
Then what is a meaning for life?
How will these people get changed?
People are becoming demons day by day,
Very cruel towards everyone,
The world looks so scary and terrific.

-Prasanna Pala


An unbearable self-punishment,
Every day in the news,
There will be at least one column,
About the people committing suicide,
Few people feel,
It’s better to die instead of suffering,
They believe in life after death,
In this life, they are not happy,
So they take such decisions,
They feel there is no need,
For leading such a painful life,
Majorly seen reasons,
Society, love and financial issues,
Firstly we should not try to impress any,
We should not be a toy for people,
We need to be strong,
Even the rumors, insults, sadness,
Everything dragging us down,
We have to try to wake up,
Without losing hope if we try hard,
Nothing looks painful,
Nothing looks sad,
Love hurts us most,
Feel it like a lesson,
Even though you lost everything,
Your happiness, your pride,
Maybe you failed,
Love yourself more than loving someone,
Stand up with self-respect,
Financial issues,
We have to work hard,
Day and night,
You have to fight,
Then you can easily blow all your debts,
But life teaches us everything,
In different aspects,
What all we need to do is leading a life,
We have to live,
We have to bear,
We have to confess,
We have to succeed,
When you love yourself,
When you trust yourself,
You can lead a happy life.

-Prasanna Pala

Lies over alcohol and money

Few situations that happened in families, in office and in between friends.

A glass of alcohol,
Change the words of people,
Most people are addicted to drinking,
Always begging around rich,
Whoever give drinking parties,
They criticize others,
Like enemies of rich ones,
Or the poor people,
Who lives their life with self-respect,
Even the rich people commit mistakes,
The mediators in between for a glass of wine,
Or a bundle of money,
Pushes the sin over poor one,
Doing such deeds,
How can people lead a happy life,
Committing a mistake is a sin,
Putting it over innocent,
To escape from the situation,
How can god excuse them?

If these kinds of situations happened among unknown people,
We can scold them or ignore such idiots,
If this happened in between relatives and families,
What can we say?
We aren’t rich, so what!
We are living with self-respect,
Why should we face your mistakes,
Or why should we be with you,
We don’t treat such people as great ones,
We don’t care who you are,
We lead our lives happily,
We don’t like to interfere,
We stay away from poisonous people like you,
Why are you having such a jealous of us,
By seeing us leading a normal life,
Why are you trying to destroy us,
I don’t know why such people can’t even see,
Someone living happily,
Creating problems make them feel sad,
Is their only work every time,
So that they are creating a small group,
With some people who are attracted to sweet words,
Money, Alcohol and their personal needs,
Nowadays people are becoming cruel.

-Prasanna Pala

Trouble makers

when we try to solve others problems,
while helping them, We fell into it,
By pulling us down, They climb up,
And next, they try to help us.
They call themselves a savior,
And finally, we are called trouble makers.

-Prasanna Pala


I felt it by seeing someone.

You are used to it,
It became your habit,
Committing a mistake,
Telling lies like a piece of cake,
You are strange,
You’ll never change,
You are lazy,
Your limits out crazy,
You want to find,
A reason to bind,
You want an excuse,
If not, you will abuse,
You are a crook,
You hurt people by inserting a hook.

-Prasanna Pala

Cruel society

If a girl is abused,
Social media highlight the girl,
Instead of teaching a lesson to the boy,
They comment on girl character,
They collect all the information of girl,
Where is she born, where she worked,
What happened to her,
How that happened everything,
But they don’t say about the boy,
Why he did this and what’s behind it?
Not only for a girl,
Some innocent boys also face this,
A brave girl played a game,
The boy stood behind bars,
They comment on boy character,
Why they are doing this?
Without knowing what happened,
They highlight what they see,
It’s breaking news,
From morning to evening,
In every channel, this will be headlines,
People will sometimes trust the words,
Of the one who cries and says,
But we can’t make sure that it’s true,
A small mistake or a wrong proof,
Can kill the respect of the innocent family,
It can never be back,
Unless and until you know absolutely about something,
Don’t post it on social media,
Instead of the culprit, an innocent may get punished,
This is because of speed news,
They don’t know what happened,
They post everywhere like spicy news,
Without completion of interrogation or anything like that,
We can’t even say a word to both of them.
One thing that culprit should get punished,
And innocent should never be highlighted,
Because this society pokes an innocent more than a culprit.

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