Will you ever know,

What I wanna say,

Have you ever think of it,

I was holding my apology,

It’s been many days I feel sorry,

I find all the ways to reach you,

I got a chance to text you,

I thought you will accept my sorry,

I was feeling everyday,

I want to say something,

You never know what happened that day,

You are not willing to listen,

You don’t have hope or trust,

How can you be so rude,

Don’t you know,

How I am feeling now,

I wanna sorry,

Without my mistake,

I’m feeling the pain,

I’m suffering the pain,

You just shut the door,

Blocked my text,

How do I reach you,

It’s painful for me,

I can feel the same with you,

Atleast accept my sorry,

I wanna say to you.

-Prasanna Pala


Change the way you go,
Be the one you love,
You have everything,
In life be like you for now,
Footsteps in the sand,
Memories in the clouds,
Following you,
Loving you,
Go where ever you want,
Life is little one,
You have to run,
Spread smiles in ton,
Shine like the sun,
Walk in the moon,
The next will be soon,
Pick up the lesson,
And drive so cool.

-Prasanna Pala

Be happy..

Lights on,
Lights on,
Come out of darkness,
That made you sad,
Smile now,
Smile now,
Your sadness fell,
already like tears,
Nothing to worry about,
It’s okay,
You took time to heal,
Too many reasons,
Made you sad,
But now,
You had a reason,
To smile happily,
In every moment,
Look forward,
With hope for life,
Everything will be back,
And you’ll be happy.

-Prasanna Pala


Few things make us sad. Instead of getting mad, we need to throw them out. And it’s not a crime that you got fooled once. It’s a crime If you trust that person again. I’m fooled these words came out of my anger.

Stop your words,
They are meaningless verbs,
You have nothing else,
It’s stopping my pulse,
Don’t come closer,
Things are over,
Go away,
Far away,
Firstly, You are good at flirting,
Now I felt you are best in hurting,
Hurting, crying, what not,
You taught me a lot,
A beautiful crime,
You made it within time,
One day you may feel regret,
But this day I’ll never forget,
This time I may be a fool,
Now I have to change my self cool,
I don’t cry anymore,
Thinking about things that happened before,
I’m spitting it out,
That stuck in my throat like a sprout.

-Prasanna Pala

My daily routine..!

As soon as I wake up,
You just come into my thoughts,
As time passes to afternoon,
I foolishly laugh,
Thinking about your funny things,
When time stuck in the evening,
I feel like I’m missing you more,
And finally at night,
Your thoughts will end with tears.

-Prasanna Pala


Believe in yourself,
Life makes you happier itself,
Don’t believe in horoscope,
If you still have hope,
Even though there are unpleasant things,
Don’t forget that you have your wings,
Fly towards the dream,
Even though your destination is at the extreme.

-Prasanna Pala


I’m feeling alright!
While seeing sunlight.
I’m broken in my heart,
I’m finding a way to restart!
My tears last long,
When I was wrong,
The moments created,
Finally, memories faded,
No matter how much I shout,
It’s like hitting a drought!
Whatever I do?
I can’t change the view,
I want to erase,
The olden sad space.

-Prasanna Pala

My Idiot

Few words, I don’t know why I wrote, I don’t know what I felt? But I felt this strange. I feel these are few words for my hero. It’s like a short and sweet story of love.

I know your name,
I had only one photo of you,
How do I find you?
How can I reach you,
I can’t publish your picture,
Because you don’t know me,
You may feel awkward,
Or feel me like a disturbance,
I searched for you on social media,
You are such an idiot,
You don’t have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
You made the way to find you bit difficult,
I know the country you live in,
I don’t have your exact address,
I can’t get your number,
Because we don’t have any mutual,
What do I do?
How can I sieve you from lakhs of people?
I won’t ask you to see me, follow me, or anything like that,
I want to see you from away,
To see your smile and make myself happy,
Oh no! I’m going crazy about you,
You are my hero,
And I can’t explain it properly.

I felt alone

I don’t have a smartphone till now,
Everyone is wondering,
Asking me are you living in the world,
I don’t know what’s in that,
What’s wrong If I don’t use a phone?
That isn’t a crime,
One day I went out shopping with my cousins,
At traveling, everyone is staring at mobiles,
People are too busy,
They are not even looking out of the train,
From a kid to old, everyone using a phone,
In shopping, they are clicking pictures of dresses,
People showing interest in window shopping,
And posting on social media,
Even while eating, they stare at phones,
No one has time to talk to the person sitting beside,
Because they were busy talking to the person away,
While seeing something funny,
They post it on social media instead of enjoying it,
Sometimes it hurts,
We take a break from all social media,
To have a lot of fun,
But everyone is busy with phones,
Even though I’m in between them,
I felt alone.

-Prasanna Pala

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