Days are going tough,
I’m hardening my heart,
Dusky dusty pains,
Dropping down my eyes,
It’s my new eclogue,
Feeling flowing like flood,
Floppy floppy love,
Flew away my floral smile.

-Prasanna Pala


I’m a lazy person,
I always delay my works,
If one month project,
I like to enjoy for half of the time,
And in the rest half, I work twice harder,
I’ll complete it within time,
But I never worked peacefully,
I think It’s okay,
I’m on my word,
Whatever I’ve done that,
In the last days, I work like,
A rope tied to my neck,
In the same way,
I thought about some work,
A sudden journey,
I went to a village,
So I felt,
I can go back,
To town in the evening,
And I can finish my work the whole night,
I stood at the bus top,
Waiting for the bus,
I came earlier than bus time,
Waiting for the bus,
I’m freaking out,
I stood there for 2 hours,
Maybe it will be late today,
People nearby said,
The bus will come within time,
Else it won’t arrive today,
You can catch the bus tomorrow morning,
It’s over. All my work is delayed,
I crossed my words,
We need to work earlier than time,
We can never know what time changes,
It turned my life upside-down,
From that day,
I never delayed my works,
Whatever it is,
I tried to complete it first,
And enjoy later.
Laziness is worst than a drug,
If we get addicted to it,
It’s very tough to get out of it.

-Prasanna Pala

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Way to victory


Your message

Thank you.


Come to me,
Close my eyes,
I will trust you,
Even I’m blind,
I’ll love you,
Even you are unkind,
World of many people,
But I can see only you.
Only you are my everything,
There are a lot of things,
I’m unable to say,
But I feel,
You can understand my silence.

-Prasanna Pala

My memory

Few sad days we don’t want to remember. We are unable to forget. We want to run away. We try to forget that, But the more it comes into our thoughts. These words represent what we feel remembering sad situations.

Go away,
Go far from my way,
I don’t want you,
I don’t hear you,
I have none,
To explain my situation,
I can’t change this one,
It’s not that easy,
Remembering this makes me crazy,
Crying alone in the dark,
Remembering this painful mark,
Scared of standing in front of spark,
That’s alright,
All I need is to fight,
With my memory to forget,
But it is poking me like a perfect target,
This pain,
Making me insane,
Even though this situation happened long ago,
But I feel like this happened a minute ago,
Remembering too much is also like hell,
What all we can do is hoping for days to get well.

-Prasanna Pala


Do I have any word,

To say to you,

Do you have any love,

To give me,

I’m not sure,

When your love is not pure,

I have nothing to ask,

When you are hiding behind mask,

Don’t worry dear,

There is nothing to get fear,

I know the truth,

For love, you are not a considerable worth.

-Prasanna Pala

Drops of love!

The moment I see you,
The magic in you,
It makes me feel new,
It brings out joy,
The sadness get to destroy,
Every moment I want to enjoy,
I feel like beautiful flowers,
Blossoming around me with attractive colors,
Every day, I’m waiting for your love,
By seeing the stars above,
But, You are an imaginary story,
I filled in my diary.

-Prasanna Pala

The return..

The day my loved ones left me,
When I need them a most,
The feeling is miserable,
Even though days passed,
This pain is not easily forgotten,
But the day when they return for me,
Saying few words,
“Like they apologize,
And asking please don’t break our bond,
Because of unfavorable situations,
Let’s forget everything,
And get back to normal life.”
While hearing these words,
My eyes filled with tears,
I am unable to speak out any,
My heart filled with happiness,
It’s a most memorable feeling,
When you are true,
Then your loved ones will come to you.

-Prasanna Pala

My daily routine..!

As soon as I wake up,
You just come into my thoughts,
As time passes to afternoon,
I foolishly laugh,
Thinking about your funny things,
When time stuck in the evening,
I feel like I’m missing you more,
And finally at night,
Your thoughts will end with tears.

-Prasanna Pala

Sad Words..

Oh, my foolish heart,
In this bluish pain,
Still, I don’t know,
Why are you thinking about him,
My words are silly,
For you,
You can’t even hear,
Seeing him hating you,
Do you even want to care for him,
The more he keeps you away,
The more you bounce back to him,
How can I bring you out,
You are left with tears,
But still happy to see him smiling.
The pain he gave will never fade away,
But still you pretend to be happy for him.

-Prasanna Pala

Empty feeling

Even though you know,
You’ll get hurt being with me,
You still came back for me,
Even though in thousands of my mistakes,
You always forgave me,
I don’t know Why,
I wanted to say you,
I knowingly never made a mistake,
You never listen to me,
Even though it’s some other mistake,
You give a cold look every time,
You never say a word,
Should I feel happy,
That you are with me,
Or should I feel sad,
That you never understand me,
How do I confess,
When you are not interested to listen,
You always trust what others say,
You never asked me Is this true?
I feel empty,
I feel guilty,
Whatever mistake happen,
I will be pointed out there,
But it’s not done by me.

-Prasanna Pala

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